News Editor Joshua Herman reports on the Guild autumn elections and interviews one of the new NUS Delegates

Written by Joshua Herman
Images by Korng Sok

Results for the autumn elections were announced last month on 20th October – since then candidates voted into their positions have been preparing for their roles and completing their training.

Candidates voted into their positions have been preparing for their roles

Various committee roles were filled, including: Ethical and Environmental Committee Member, Appointments Panel Member, Chair of All Student Meeting, Campaigns Committee Members, Education Committee Members, Welfare and Liberation Committee Members, Senate and College Reps, and Activities Committee Members. 

The autumn elections further included NUS (National Union of Students) Liberation Conference Delegates and Student Representatives. 

Redbrick spoke to one of the NUS delegates elected, Anastasis Mauriac, asking her about why she ran and how her campaign went. 

Redbrick: What made you want to run for NUS delegates officer in the first place?

Anastasis: ‘I decided to run for NUS Delegates because I wanted to represent UoB students on a national level after having been a student rep for 2 years. Other than that, I also wanted to gain experience in student politics. Writing and voting policies is something I am really interested in and it is really satisfying to apply what I learn in my course to real life situations, as well as more practical issues rather than theoretical issues.’

‘I wanted to represent UoB students on a national level’

R: I was wondering if you could talk a bit about how your campaign went? 

Anastasis: ‘I did my campaign mainly on Instagram. I created an account and designed posts on Canva to talk about my manifesto! It was really easy. I think the tricky part was writing the manifesto and making sure I had a good photo!’

R: What will your priorities be as a representative?

Anastasis: ‘My priorities are going to be on women’s safety, improving mental health facilities, and decolonizing the curriculum!’ 

More information regarding roles is available on the Guild of Students website. 

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