Sci&Tech Editor Leah Renz suggests the monarchy should have focused on charity as part of the Queen’s funeral arrangements

Images by Metin Ozer

Despite my respect for the work of the Queen, I find it difficult to understand why our humble ex-monarch failed to envision a more constructive demonstration for (some of) the nation’s grief besides tonnes upon tonnes of floral arrangements. Within two minutes sat around the kitchen table, my family and I had constructed a far better idea. 

Quite simply, I humbly beg of the Royal Family to consider, amongst funeral arrangements and processional logistics, the addition of charity donation spots outside Buckingham Palace. These would be placed along the mile-long queues and across the various commemoration sites over the UK.

A simple card-reader, or if more pomp is required, a royal official with a Queen Elizabeth emblazoned bucket, could have been set up in conjunction with, say, the huge wooden crowd-control barriers. These donations could contribute towards Cancer Research UK or The British Red Cross, two of the over 500 charities for which the Queen was a patron.

Buckingham Palace could have then announced that, in lieu of flowers, they would appreciate if people expressed their grief through compassion towards the various causes which the Queen supported.

This cunning plan would have a) allowed people to mourn the passing of the Queen, but also b) not littered the streets with plastic, rotting blooms and rat-attracting jam sandwiches, and c) helped those less fortunate than the literal aristocracy. Besides this, it would have been a great PR stunt for a family rapidly losing supporters.

The British monarchy is a powerful institution; let the Royals use this power for good, and use their image, as the Queen did throughout her lifetime, to shine a light on those most vulnerable. 

Donate to The British Red Cross here.
Donate to Cancer Research UK here.


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