Digital Editors Halima Ahad and Weronika Białek write Issue 1533’s editorial letters

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Digital Editor Halima Ahad

Hi everyone! I’m Halima, one of your Digital Editors this year. I’ve loved my time on committee so far, meeting so many new people and recognising familiar faces. I’m very proud of every person who has gotten involved with Redbrick this year, whether they be EAs, writers or editors. I’ve been a member of Redbrick since my first year at UoB and I wouldn’t have changed my journey with the paper for the world.

I’ve always wanted to go into journalism, so when I first discovered Redbrick, I immediately got involved. Writing articles for an array of sections was really fun and exciting, seeing my first ever print article was a real pinch-me moment. After my first year, I became Culture Editor, and that experience solidified my love for the paper even more. I really enjoyed getting hands on with the paper in many different ways through my section editor role, including trying to figure out the complicated nooks and crannies of InDesign with my co-editor Charlotte!

My time at university has been a whirlwind but Redbrick has always been a constant and I’m forever grateful for that. It has really been a rock in my tough times as I can always write an article to de-stress or meet up with one of my friends from the paper for a coffee. That’s another thing I love about Redbrick, the community feel to the paper. We’re always a team who look out for one another and I find that so beautiful.

Being on committee this year has also made me so grateful for the paper too as getting my hands on the work behind the scenes is really exciting. Coming back to the community feel, I have loved how we’ve pushed the socials this year! My favourite social has to be Pub & Papers as we really do come together and reflect on the hard work we put in as a team for each issue.

I’ve enjoyed my time with the paper so much this year and I cannot wait for what is to come for the rest of this semester. Up the brick!

Halima x

Digital Editor Weronika Białek

My name is Weronika and I am your other digital editor. I do most of my work behind-the-scenes, primarily proof-reading articles and uploading them on our wonderful website. I started my journey with Redbrick in my first year of university with a feature about my experience as a fresher during covid. Since then, I have spread my writing wings quite far, writing about everything from travel destinations, to gene-edited vegetables, to UK politics. I think this is the best thing that I have learnt from being part of this society: to not be afraid to say my opinion on topics that I might not be an expert on, because every opinion is important and you will always learn something new in the process. 

I was also a proud Comment editor last year, which was an amazing experience, although being on my year abroad, I knew most of my fellow Redbrick writers and editors as Facebook profile pictures. I’m very happy that this year I had the opportunity to meet so many great people face-to-face and I’m sure many of you have bumped into me during the media ball or other Redbrick socials where I was sure to be floating about.

Unfortunately, my final year at university is flying by incredibly quickly, but I’m hoping that my last semester will be the best one yet and I’m excited to see what amazing Redbrick memories I am yet to make! 

Before we move on to the juicier stories of the print, I wanted to say the biggest thank you to my fellow digital editor, Halima – we make a great team and I am incredibly grateful to work alongside you. Thank you also to the rest of the committee and the editors, every one of you puts in an amazing amount of work on top of your studies to make this paper happen!