Mimi Webb put on a live show that was a testament to her future as a pop-star, Digital Editor Tamzin Meyer reviews

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Mimi Webb performed an intimate gig at Birmingham’s O2 Institute (31st October) marking the release of the 21 year old’s debut EP – Seven Shades of Heartbreak. Gaining enormous popularity amongst teenagers, with her TikTok fame helping her catapult her way through the charts, the crowd was quite rightly filled with excitement waiting for the ‘24/5’ singer to grace the stage.

Webb was not the only rising star of the night as she was supported by Finn Askew whose music was influential in creating a moody atmosphere. Being just 20 years old, Askew seemed slightly nervous but his talent proved that he had nothing to fear. With his music best being described as a beautiful combination of pop and RnB, Askew’s voice was as smooth as butter with such a raw and authentic tone that held similarities to that of Ed Sheeran. Bringing out his electric guitar, the Somerset star had the crowd at the palm of his hands as he performed ‘Buttercup’ and a personal favourite of mine ‘Adidas.’ He successfully managed to create a vibe that was chill yet had enough energy to get the crowd hyped, ready for the main act; he most certainly understood the assignment.

Webb’s ability to transform her own heartbreak into relatable lyrics really was captured in her performance

Half an hour passed before Mimi Webb started off her set, entering the stage wearing eye-catching face gems – a perfect makeup choice for Halloween. Her opening number was no other than the popular hit ‘Before I Go’ which ensured that she made an impactful entrance. It was the perfect song to showcase her powerful and beautifully warming vocals, making everyone instantly forget that they had been subject to torrential rain outside just two hours before. 

As her set was only 45 minutes, Webb made sure to move quickly from one song to another although she did take time to briefly talk to her fans and acknowledge her cousin in the crowd which was a lovely, personal touch. Fans could be seen singing along to every word of tracks that included, ‘A Little Bit Louder,’ ‘Reasons,’ ‘Lonely in Love’ and ‘Halfway.’ Webb’s ability to transform her own heartbreak into relatable lyrics really was captured in her performance that did its job in connecting all fans together. With her fanbase ever growing, the dedication the crowd had for the star was already apparent.

This was a perfect and unexpected performance

One of the best performances of the night just had to be ‘Dumb Love’ – hearing this song live was a magical experience and summed up Webb’s vocal ability to a tee. With Webb’s musical influences including Adele and Sam Smith, it was no surprise that her heartbreak performances were sensational. Paying tribute to Smith, she sang a rendition of ‘I’m Not The Only One,’ which Webb informed us was one of her favourite songs to cover. This was a perfect and unexpected performance which did the song wondrous justice. 

Finishing off her set in true style, Webb took it back to where it all began with the song that put her on the map – ‘Good Without.’ It seemed very fitting to end on such a high note after such a fantastic evening. The song which focused on her pain of seeing her former lover move on without her made for an emotional performance and one which was memorable for all of the right reasons. For many this was the first time they had seen Mimi Webb perform live but with a bigger tour set for early next year, that is set to be even better, it most certainly will not be their last. Webb is destined to have her name written with the greatest, with it only being a matter of time before she becomes a household name.

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