Culture Editor Vidhi Bhanushali writes a poem inspired by ‘The Giantess (The Guardian of the Egg)’ (1947) by Leonara Carrington

Written by Vidhi Bhanushali

‘The Giantess of Small Island’

by Vidhi Bhanushali


Moonlike face in a field of wheat, 

Or glass-like paleness, glassier against the coppery red,

Draped with pale wings ghost-like,

Flapping in tune with the quacking geese around her,


Oh! Sun child, who cursed you?

Disfigured you out of proportion?

Is he accountable, for the angry sky?

For the sharp winds, blowing wild,

Ruffling the feathers of your blood body,

Bleeding into the white.


With passion these wild geese fly,

Storming over the cherished yolk

That you cradle like divine,

Protecting the divinity, enhancing your power, or curse?

What shall you consider?


When you over tower the bulkiest ships and sailors,

Clouding them with your red-blotted paleness,

Do they begin to fear the moon?

Or do they beg for your mercy 

Like the vulnerable mortals at your feet?

Having done nothing wrong,

Like how you had too,

Oh! Lunar girl, who cursed you?


The Giantess
The Giantess

(The Giantess (The Guardian of the Egg) by Leonara Carrington, 1947)

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