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    A Beginner’s Guide to Country Music

    Iesha Thomas talks through the artists that prove country is more than its stereotype

    Written by Iesha Thomas on 7th December 2017


    Why Are TV Personalities Releasing Christmas Albums?

    Sorcha Hornett tries (and fails) to sit through Christmas albums from some of TV's "finest" personalities

    Written by Sorcha Hornett on 6th December 2017


    Top 4 Live Sessions

    Music Critic Pablo Doyle gives us a guide to the 4 very best live sessions

    Written by Pablo Doyle on 21st November 2017


    Spotlight On: Sampa the Great

    Music Editor Thom Dent tells us why Sampa the Great lives up to her name and we should be keeping an eye out for her impending conquest of hip-hop

    Written by Thom Dent on 20th November 2017


    Greatest Hits: Sorcha Hornett

    It's Sorcha Hornett's turn to take us down memory lane with five songs that have shaped her life

    Written by Sorcha Hornett on 20th November 2017


    Spotlight On: Gecko

    Sophie Rashley turns a spotlight on local Midlands artist Gecko, an eccentric comedian-singer-songwriter with a heck of a lot of fresh talent

    Written by Sophie Rashley on 16th November 2017


    Spotlight On: JAWS

    Redbrick's Laura Mosley turns our attention to up-and-coming local indie band, JAWS

    Written by Laura Mosley on 14th November 2017


    Is It Too Early To Start Playing Christmas Music?

    With the last embers of Bonfire Night dying, Kat Smith asks if now is the time to dust off our old Christmas singles in preparation for the holiday season

    Written by Kat Smith on 13th November 2017


    Tables Turning: Sainsbury’s New Record Label

    Redbrick's Rhiannon Storer weighs up the pros and cons of Sainsbury's launching their own record label

    Written by Rhi Storer on 11th November 2017


    Greatest Hits: Letty Gardner

    Music Writer Letty Gardner takes a trip down memory lane with the songs that have defined her life

    Written by Letty Gardner on 29th October 2017


    How To Do Halloween In Birmingham

    As Halloween approaches, Redbrick Music previews some of our city's spookiest nights

    Written by Emily Barker, Sorcha Hornett, Issy Campbell & Greg Woodin on 23rd October 2017


    Essential Soundtracks: Twin Peaks: The Return

    While the rest of the world still revels in the aftermath of Twin Peaks: The Return, Kieran Read discusses the impact of its legendary soundtrack

    Written by Kieran Read on 21st October 2017
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