Digital Editor Halima Ahad curates a playlist of her favourite songs to listen to in February

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As Spring gradually dawns upon us, there are many songs I have added to my monthly playlist to bring in the new season. Some are new releases and old favourites, but they all encompass the new beginnings the month of February brings.

skinny dipping – Sabrina Carpenter

A new discovery of mine is ‘skinny dipping’ by Sabrina Carpenter. The meaningful lyrics along with the hopeful tune has made it my favourite song of this month. The song is a single on Carpenter’s recently released album emails i can’t send and it is definitely underrated. ‘If we could take it all off and just exist / And skinny dip in water under the bridge’ illustrates how the singer is putting a twist on the common saying ‘water under the bridge’. The metaphor shows how she wants to express all her vulnerabilities with her past lover and move past them.

Meaningful lyrics along with the hopeful tune has made it my favourite song of this month

Wings – Little Mix

Another nostalgic discovery this month is ‘Wings’ by Little Mix. The song has made me reminisce back to my childhood days and gave me the childlike wonder and hope for what is to come for the future. Jade exclusively revealed the meaning behind the lyrics, at the time of release when the band won X Factor, ‘we had a lot of negativity at the beginning […] that’s where the empowering lyrics came from.’ The upbeat tune throughout the song compliment the lyrics greatly and it truly is an unforgettable song.

we’re not alike – Tate McRae

A new release which I have constantly had on repeat this month is THINK LATER by Tate McRae and the album came with many iconic songs. ‘we’re not alike’ speaks volumes to me as it explores female friendships and moving on from those who you thought put effort into the friendship. McRae exclusively told Apple Music about the song ‘I’m always going to respect girl code and respect the lines that you don’t cross’ which embodies the message of the song as a whole. ‘Said she was a girl’s girl, that’s a lie / Said she had my back but she had the knife’ expresses how the singer thought her friend had her back but she turned out to be deceptive.

‘we’re not alike’ speaks volumes to me as it explores female friendships

OK (Anxiety Anthem) – Mabel

Another song which I have resonated with a lot this month is ‘OK (Anxiety Anthem)’ by Mabel. The song navigates feelings when mental health issues arise and how to take everyday as it comes. The lyrics throughout the song, especially the chorus, bring a hopeful tone to those who suffer with mental health issues. ‘Don’t gotta wipe your tears away / Tomorrow’s another day’ highlights how there is always light at the end of the tunnel and it’s okay to feel upset in the moment.

On My Love – Zara Larsson ft. David Guetta

Another new release which I’ve had on repeat is Zara Larsson’s VENUS. The album explores self-love when parting ways with someone close to you and discovering yourself in the midst of all of this. Larsson dedicated the song to her younger sister and this can be seen in the lyrics within the song. The upbeat tunes and summery music video make me excited for what is to come for the brighter seasons in the year. This song has constantly been on repeat for me as I resonate with Larsson’s dedication to her sister and what it means for their relationship.

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