Following the excitement of the launch, Life and Style writer Jess Whitham reviews the long anticipated Alex Steinher X Primark Skincare Line

Written by Jess Whitham
Third year political science student.

After being maybe a little too excited when it was announced and searching high and low to get my hands on it, I finally managed to try the new Alex Steinherr skincare range for Primark.

Alex Steinherr is the former director at Glamour Magazine, meaning she has a vast bank of knowledge of the beauty industry. The project has been in the works for two years and can be called a labour of love, and one that has been massively hyped. The price points of this collection are between £3 and £5 and considering the calibre of ingredients and expertise, this is a really nice surprise – especially for students!

I tried to get a mixture of things I was interested in, but sadly the range which focuses on sleep and overnight beauty has been sold out when I’ve been hunting around.

So here’s a roundup of what I managed to try!

The first product I tested is from the Plump and Glow range, which is focused on providing dewy and healthy-looking skin. I got the mask and there are two steps which is a nice touch since it felt very luxurious. The sheet mask was pretty comfy even when left on for the recommended 20 minutes. Afterwards, my skin was super glowing but maybe felt tacky for a bit too long. At the time I was experiencing dry patches on my forehead which weren’t tackled but the day after

I definitely had noticeably nicer looking skin.

I definitely had noticeably nicer looking skin.

The second product I bought were the blemish stickers. These are from the Pore Balance collection which fights spots. I don’t tend to be spot prone, but luckily I had a blemish on my forehead just in time. For me, this is such a nice, cool idea that I’ve not really seen. The stickers were comfy and actually stayed on at night. I don’t want to make any claims about miracles, but the day after I barely had any noticeable evidence of the day before and the tea tree seemed to calm things perfectly. Since there are so many in the pack I’ll definitely be reusing.

I barely had any noticeable evidence of the day before and the tea tree seemed to calm things perfectly.

I also purchased the Daily Skin Started primer. This is another new idea I was keen to try first hand (from the Pollution Solution range). I was torn between this and the exfoliating pads but I don’t tend to use primers so I thought it would update my collection. I’ve now tested this under makeup a couple of times and would say it keeps my face looking fresh and helps foundation to stay. Pollution and city air is said to result in premature ageing and an un-evening of the skin, so I’m interested in actually wearing this product a lot while at uni.

The last thing I tried was a hydration boost – from the Maximum Moisture range that aims to help those that struggle with dry patches. Like I said, I’d been experiencing some dryness despite the fact my skin is usually very hydrated. Initially, I wasn’t too keen on the serum texture and didn’t see a huge amount of progress. A couple of days on though, my forehead is back to normal. I’d say this product is worth trying if you do need a top up of hydration or have dry skin issues, however its not the standout star for me.

In general, this range is impressive for the prices and I’d definitely repurchase some of these items (especially those which don’t seem to have alternatives) which is a sign for me!