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Most Anticipated Games of 2019

Gaming writers and editors give a preview of the year to come, and why you should be excited for some of 2019's biggest releases

Posted on 9th February 2019

Review | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Redbrick Gaming writers give their thoughts on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one of 2018's most anticipated games

Posted on 31st January 2019

Alone in the Cold

As the temperature drops we must act on our moral and social responsibility to help rough sleepers, argues Alex Cirant-Taljaard

Posted on 21st November 2018

Daredevil: Marvel’s TV Saviour

Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard breaks down why the latest season of Daredevil is a return to its former glory

Posted on 15th November 2018

Perspectives On: The United States Midterms

Following a historic round of elections in the US, Redbrick writers share their thoughts on a night in which the tides seemed to turn against President Trump

Posted on 13th November 2018

ISIS is Monstrous, But So is Capital Punishment

In light of the extradition of two ISIS agents to the US, Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard argues that the death penalty can never be justified

Posted on 17th August 2018

Teddy Perkins, Or Why You Should Be Watching Atlanta

Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard breaks down Teddy Perkins, the most recent chilling episode of Donald Glover's comedy-drama series Atlanta

Posted on 10th April 2018

We Cannot Allow Anti-Semitism To Take Root

Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard criticises the lack of condemnation from Corbyn concerning anti-semitic behaviour in the Labour Party

Posted on 3rd April 2018

Solidarity Forever

With many students lamenting the UCU strike, Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard argues why we should stand alongside striking academic staff

Posted on 13th March 2018

Microtransactions Here Are (Red) Dead Wrong

Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard gives us his opinion over the controversial inclusion of microtransactions in the highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption II

Posted on 27th February 2018

Redbrick Music’s Valentine’s Guide

Posted on 13th February 2018

Malcolm in the Middle: The Best TV Family?

Comment Editor Alex Cirant-Taljaard poders if classic US sitcom Malcolm in the Middle is the best example of a TV family. Do you agree? Yes? No? Maybe? Can you repeat the question?

Posted on 10th February 2018