Travel writer Jacky Sy shares his trip to Liverpool

Written by Jacky Sy
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‘“4-1!” Liverpool stormed away from Cardiff last Saturday, gaining the top of the Premier League.’ This is how most football fans generalise Liverpool. Neither a fan of Liverpool Football Club, nor a football lover? No worries. Liverpool is also a timeless historical city of Britain.

Most tourists would likely be attracted by the World Museum Liverpool, due to its stunning architecture. From the planetarium and aquarium to historical museums, the city of Liverpool has much to offer.

However, Industrial Revolution is actually the vein of this fast-changing city. The government built the first commercial enclosed wet dock in Liverpool, facilitating the slave trade. The International Slavery Museum displays its history – Liverpool was responsible for nearly 1.5 million slave transportations. Until the end of the nineteenth Century, around 40% of the world trade was conducted in the Liverpool dock.

It is also the birthplace of the legendary band – the Beatles. Do not miss the Beatles Story of their rise to fame and ‘Beatlemania.’ ‘Come on, come on. Please, please me.’ Take a look at the story of the Beatles, with a comprehensive introduction by audio guide. If the historical concert is far from satisfactory, you’d better grab a drink and listen to the live bands in the Cavern Club – birthplace of the Beatles, where they used to play music, as well as a chapel where people pay tribute to them.

Besides the historical and musical perspectives, there is still lots to be discovered. With the breath-taking Church of St Dunstan and the sophisticated Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool is a city with unique charisma.