KAYTRANDA collaborates with Ty Dolla $ign and Shay Lea for a handful of slick nocturnal jams, Hannah O’Reilly reviews

Written by Hannah O'Reilly
Images by The Come Up Show

Since the release of his hugely successful album 99.9%, we’ve been somewhat starved of new music from Kaytranda. Granted, the Montreal-born producer has been developing various remixes of songs from Kelela and Sade, to name a few, but Nothin Like U / Chances is the first taste of original music we’ve had in 2018. This single is set up in a classic style of the two tracks accompanied by the instrumental version, and a bonus – It Was Meant 2 B.

‘Nothin Like U’ is Kaytra’s first collab with Ty Dolla $ign, with an energetic flow and positive lyrics – an ode to new beginnings and those first stages of love – ‘You don’t even wanna go out tonight/ Say you got priorities/And lately you’ve been wantin’ to see way more of me’. It features Kaytranada’s classic synths and beats.

Shay’s hazy vocals complement the music perfectly and proves that this duo is a match made in heaven

‘Chances’ is a chilled, dreamy track, the sort of music for the train ride home. It’s not Kaytranada’s first time working with the Shay Lea, with her last feature on ‘LEAVE ME ALONE’ of 2014, as well as his collaboration on several of her songs. ‘Chances’ has similar sounds to ‘Nothin Like U’, and creates a nostalgic vibe with the echoing voices floating through the background. The instrumental is as enjoyable as the original, as it gives more chance to let your mind wander. Regardless, Shay’s hazy vocals still complement the music perfectly and proves that this duo is a match made in heaven.

The third, ‘It Was Meant 2 B’, is a bonus track, instrumental only, and is more intense than the previous two, with deeper beats and heavier sounds, more characteristic of Kaytranada’s earlier work. Despite the optimistic title, it has a slightly sinister sense to it, building as the song goes on, and fades out with a perfect balance of mystery and wonder in the synthetic sounds.

Nothin Like U / Chances is overall a satisfying compilation of genre-blurring beauty, and leaves you heavily anticipating more of Kaytranada’s original work that’s sure to come.

‘Nothin Like U / Chances’ is available now via KAYTRANADA.