Digital Editor Halima Ahad defends the reality show Made in Chelsea, arguing that its stars are authentic and fun to watch, despite popular criticism

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Made In Chelsea has hailed our screens for the past twelve years since its glitzy debut in 2011. With an all-star cast, including well-known faces such as Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews, it is hard not to fall in love with the authenticity and drama-filled escapism of Made In Chelsea

The basic premise of Made In Chelsea is that a group of affluent young women and men in their 20s (born and brought up in the borough of Chelsea) navigate their lives despite the ups and downs of young adult life, including friendships and relationships. The group also go on many outgoings abroad, the most recent series being Made In Chelsea: Corsica

I discovered the show in my late teenage years as a form of reverie in the midst of my A-Levels in sixth form and the ongoing drama that has occurred since then has kept me hooked. One of my favourite things about the show include its aesthetics and how the producers never fail to hook me in with the wonderful things that the group get up to in their time at Chelsea, such as the attractive cafes the group go to, which are on my growing list of places to visit once I get the chance to go to Chelsea.

The Corsica miniseries has been the most drama-filled and exciting so far…relationships were tested to their limits

The Corsica miniseries, in my opinion, has been the most drama-filled and exciting yet in Made In Chelsea so far. There were numerous scandals taking place on the island and relationships were tested to their limits. The most unseemly event which occurred on the island was the emergence of Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweeger’s relationship and how their love affair emerged behind their lover’s backs at the key event of the miniseries, the dinner party.

Some may say that the stars of Made In Chelsea are unauthentic and not true to themselves but I would beg to differ. Although some parts of the reality show are staged, some of the stars are very genuine and their authenticity shines through. For example, Willow Day, who has only recently joined the cast in the past year and was introduced when the group went to Mallorca and has been a staple face of the show ever since.

The show to watch if you are looking for some escapism from your mundane life

In the most recent episode of Made In Chelsea, Willow’s authenticity is tested when newcomer Lauren Sintes comes in between her fresh relationship with Harvey and potential rumours about Lauren start flying around about how genuine her intentions truly are with Harvey. Although these rumours were never really true, Willow’s genuineness is truly put to the test as some of the girls come to Lauren’s defense rather than hers.

Overall, Made In Chelsea is definitely the show to watch if you are looking for some escapism from your mundane life and want to see what the opulent rich kids of Chelsea get up to in their daily lives.

Rating 4.5/5

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