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Vogue’s First Black Photographer Captures Beyoncé in the September Issue

Perrie Edwards Embraces her Freckles in Recent Instagram Selfie

The Snakeskin Fashion Fad: Exposed

How to Cope With Long-Distance Friendships

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    The Snakeskin Fashion Fad: Exposed

    Life and Style Editor Imogen Lancaster discusses the drastic implications of the use of snakeskin designs in fashion and how the animal print craze is getting out of hand

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 1st September 2018


    Trophy Wife 2.0: How the ‘Trophy Wife’ is Changing for the Better

    Life and Style editor Imogen Lancaster discusses how the concept of a trophy wife has become outdated and is evolving in a positive way

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 16th August 2018


    KKW’s Cornrows – Cultural Appropriation?

    Life&Style editor Imogen Lancaster discusses whether Kim Kardashian West's braided hair is an example of cultural appropriation

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 5th July 2018


    The Phenomenon of Love Island

    Life and Style writer Alice Macfarlane questions Love Island's representations of love, beauty and relationships

    Written by Alice Macfarlane on 5th July 2018


    Online Time Management: Mental Health Considerations

    Life and Style's Caitlin Steele and Jess Howlett consider professional opinions regarding online time management and mental health concerns

    Written by caitlinjsteele & Jess Howlett on 26th June 2018


    Love Island and Emotional Abuse in Relationships?

    Deputy Editor Kat Smith shares her stance on Love Island's Adam and his behaviour towards women, following Women's Aid's statement

    Written by Kat Smith on 21st June 2018


    All your perfect imperfections

    This summer, Life&Style editor Tara Kergon encourages body positivity and a celebration of diversity instead of attempts to fit ideals of perfection

    Written by Tara Kergon on 16th June 2018


    Imagine Catholic Appropriation…

    Life&Style writer Lydia Waller takes a look back on the controversial theme from this year's Met Ball

    Written by Lydia Waller on 14th June 2018


    How To Not fall Into The Postgraduate Void

    Life&Style editor Tara Kergon shares some advice on how to avoid a post-graduation slump

    Written by Tara Kergon on 18th April 2018


    Pink-for-Girls and Blue-for-Boys: An Outdated Tradition?

    Life&Style's Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson discusses the potentially damaging effects of the engrained gender colour stereotypes

    Written by Gabrielle Taylor-Dowson on 31st March 2018


    Review: ‘Calm’ Meditation App

    Life&Style's Charlotte Gill reviews 'Calm', Apple's 2017 App of the Year

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 28th March 2018


    Why It’s Okay Not to Have Your Life Figured Out

    Life&Style's Daisy Hanbury explains her thoughts on why not having your life completely planned out doesn't have to be a negative thing

    Written by Guest Author on 28th March 2018
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