Life&Styler and Podcaster Erin Butler shares her suggestions for podcasts to accompany you on your daily walks

Written by Erin Butler 31

I’m a certified podcast enthusiast. If I’m walking alone, I’m not alone. I’m most likely listening to one of the millions of podcasts available on Apple or Spotify. I have been known to spend an hour and thirty minutes walking just to listen to a podcast all about Coffee, (it was The Coffee Expert interview on The Diary of the CEO). Honestly, I can only recommend it because that is 90 minutes of my life I will never get back. How else would you suppose I learn that the best shop bought coffee, as voted by ‘The Coffee Expert’, is Starbucks? That is very valuable information.

It is for this very reason that I am obsessed with Podcasts. Whether you want to relax or engage, run or walk, there is a podcast for everyone! Podcasts are taking over the world, one ear at a time, and I for one am ‘hear’ for it. If you’re a wannabe podcast fan, or a current die-hard podcaster, I’ve compiled this list of my ride or die favourites. Trust me there is something for everyone. 

True Crime: 

I recommend not listening to it as you walk home, in the dark, along the canals of Birmingham

Ghost Story

‘Ghost Story’ came out in November 2023. Everybody loves a good ghost story, and this one has so many twists and turns you won’t know what to expect. I recommend not listening to it as you walk home, in the dark, along the canals of Birmingham, like I did. Atmospheric, but not exactly safe. You’ll never guess that the podcast host’s family are caught up in this should-be ghost story turned who-dun-it turned fight-for-justice-for-Morris. 

I’ve never been a true crime fanatic and so listening to it  is never my first choice. Only the REALLY good ones keep me hooked. Blood, guts and gore just doesn’t do it for me and all too often I have guessed ‘Who did it’ after the first episode. 

Wild Things: Siegfried and Roy

‘Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy’ consumed my Summer 2022 listening. The concept seems boring initially. It basically documents the life of two infamous travelling magicians, Siegfried and Roy. Add in some big cats and things get seriously complicated. You’ll even finish listening with some seriously random wildlife facts. Did you know white tigers don’t exist naturally in the wild? I didn’t, that is, until I listened to this podcast. 


Emma has a rare authentic and comforting voice

Here for the Craic with Emma Neil

Perhaps it’s the Northern Irish in me, but this podcast makes my Monday morning. Listening to the host, Emma Neil, talk about her current favourites, helpful tips, and a lot of embarrassing and funny stories manages to keep me entertained. Recording from Belfast, Emma has a rare authentic and comforting voice. I’ve listened to every one and I can honestly say that it always makes me feel at home. 


How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

If you’re feeling down, stuck in an endless cycle or just pretty miserable, I can promise you that one of Elizabeth Day’s incredible interviews is sure to have you rethinking your life. There is something about hearing your celebrity icons’ failures that makes yours feel more normal. My personal favourite episodes include that of Jamie Dornan and Phoebe Waller Bridge. Each famous interviewee brings at least three failures from their lives and what, if anything, those failures have taught them along the way. So if you’re facing rejection or struggling with your dissertation, I’d highly recommend one of her episodes to make you think more positively about your life.


Who doesn’t want to hear about other people’s last supper meal?

Table Manners 

Iconic duo podcasts deserve a genre of their own, but as both these podcasts mention food A LOT, I thought I’d better create this category. Who doesn’t want to hear about other people’s last supper meal? I think that reveals a lot about a person, what they’d choose to eat before they are sent to a desert Island. Jessie Ware and her mother, Lennie, are fabulous hosts cooking and serving up a delicious meal to one celeb guest. They always seem to find the best out of their guests. It shocks me that some guests can actually grow on me because of their feature on the podcast. 

Off Menu: with James Acaster and Ed Gamble

Maybe unsurprisingly, James Acaster and Ed Gamble don’t actually cook for their guests. That is left to the listeners imagination and the ‘Genie’. Yes, this podcast involves a genie. Contrary to popular belief, the conversations don’t strictly adhere entirely to food. If you want to know the weirdest facts in the world, this podcast is for you. If you want to laugh as James Acaster scares an unwilling guest, this podcast is for you. Generally, if you’re bored, this podcast is for you. 


I love podcasts so much, I decided to make one!

Your Era

I love podcasts so much, I decided to make one! Every week, I sit down with my best friend Monica, and we chat about all things affecting us girls in our lives. We have covered failure, dropping out of university and even Monica’s stalker experience! There’s nothing that’s off limits on our podcast because at the end of every episode we want our listeners to feel slightly less alone in the world. Empowered to take on their Era!

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