Ahead of her tour, Music Critic Victoria Wilson spoke with singer-songwriter Mae Muller about festivals, the Wordle, her trending hit, and more

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Ahead of her tour, I spoke with singer-songwriter Mae Muller about festivals, the Wordle, and her TikTok trending hit, ‘Better Days.’ Muller’s fierce pop hits which draw influence from Lily Allen and Gwen Stefani, are both relatable and empowering; she will be playing at the O2 Academy in Birmingham on 28th April.

I first heard your music at Leeds festival last summer and really enjoyed your performance. How different is it performing at festivals than headlining a show?

At a festival ‘you never know what you’re going to get’ Muller divulged, stating that festivals can be ‘freer’ than headline shows where there is more ‘security’ that the crowds will be supportive. She exclaimed that she loves performing whatever the venue.

What would you say your favourite song to perform is?

Due to its ‘energy which you can really jump around to,’ Muller said she enjoys performing 2020 hit ‘Work Like That,’ a catchy, sassy song about being cheated on, as it is a dynamic crowd pleaser which gives a great introduction to her work for those who haven’t heard her music before. She also loves singing ‘Anticlimax’ as it is ‘a definite fan favourite,’ and of course, her renowned track with Neiked and Polo G, ‘Better Days.’

Speaking of ‘Better Days,’ this hit of course blew up on TikTok, and hit top ten on the Billboard charts – how did that feel?

It was a ‘wild ride’ and ‘so much fun,’ Muller recalled, relating that they ‘all loved the song before it was released’ and that it has ‘opened up so many doors.’

If you could leave one legacy or be remembered for one thing what would it be?

Muller confessed she would want people to remember that she is ‘not afraid to say it how it is and to just be honest,’ sharing that growing up she often found it ‘hard to speak up,’ and that music has given her the tools and confidence to do so; she hopes her music will ‘urge others to speak out.’

When did you realise that music was a) a path you wanted to pursue and b) a real possibility for a career?

Muller recounted that she has ‘always loved music and wanted to do it but never knew how to put [her] foot in the door.’ She stated that once she got management and was ‘able to leave the pub [she] worked in,’ her dream seemed more realistic as she realised people outside of her family and friends were impressed with and encouraging of her talent.

Mae confessed she would want people to remember that she is not afraid to say it how it is and to just just honest

Much of your discography is very empowering and provocative; do you ever experience difficulties performing these bubbly songs when you are not in the right mood?

Muller shared that there has only been ‘once or twice’ that she hasn’t been in an energetic mood before a performance, but that ‘once you get on stage you just get in the mood and any problems go out the window.’ The excitement of the crowd always makes her hyped.

You have previously collaborated with a plethora of artists from Big Zuu to Polo G. If you were to collaborate with one artist who you have not already worked with who would that be?

Muller gushed that it would be amazing to work with Dua Lipa since she is such an ‘iconic’ artist. She shared that her favourite artists growing up were storytellers like Lily Allen, as she inspired her to speak out and she loved how she sings how she talks, and Florence + the Machine, as their music is so ‘poetic’ and uses ‘beautiful metaphors.’

Finally, do you play Wordle? What word do you usually start with?

Muller laughed that she uses a different word everyday to keep it interesting.

What is coming next for you?

There is ‘a lot in the works’ Mae shared excitedly: ‘a lot more music,’ and ‘an album that is very nearly finished…’

Mae Muller will perform at Birmingham’s O2 Academy 2 on Thursday 28th April. Tickets available here: https://www.maemuller.com/live/


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