Food Editor Emily Calder picks the best of Netflix’s most popular original series, so you don’t have to

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It is no exaggeration to say that Netflix has taken the world by storm, and has undoubtedly made a permanent change to the relationship between TV and viewers. We now live in a new age in which Netflix is not only providing us with a platform to stream our favourite shows, but is now also producing them itself. Here are my personal favourite Netflix Originals, and why you should be binge-watching them this weekend.

Best Comedy: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tina Fey’s famous sitcom follows an unusual situation: four women are released from an underground bunker after 15 years. This doesn’t sound hilarious, but trust me, it is. Protagonist Kimmy emerges with an ‘unbreakable’, as the title suggests, and beaming optimism. She tackles a new life in New York City alongside a flamboyantly queer roommate and a batty landlady, and thus hilarity ensues. Watching Kimmy roam the city in sparkly trainers and adjust to modern life with genius phrases likehash brown no filteris unquestionably a joy that we all need in our lives.

Best Drama: American Vandal

Its second season released in September, this true-crime satire utilises the mockumentary medium to investigate two crimes. The first season follows the drawing of phallic images on faculty cars in a California High School, whilst the second visits a Catholic private school whose cafeteria’s lemonade is tainted by laxatives. Although it surveys unexceptional crimes, the genius of the series is that Who drew the dicks?becomes a question to which we all desperately wish to know the answer. Combining the enthralling plot of true crime with unorthodox humour and modern technology, this show will certainly have you glued to your screen.

Best Reality TV: Queer Eye

If you haven’t seen this show, you need to drop whatever you’re doing right now and watch it. In a reboot of a 2003 series, a ‘Fab Five’ compiled of gay male presenters (each specialising in their own field) tackle the task of ‘making over’ those in need. Whilst the cast and premise provides a great deal of entertainment, what really makes this show a must-see is its incredible sense of sentiment. These presenters do more than groom straight males; they turn lives around, connect with individuals of all cultural backgrounds, and truly restore your faith that there is good in the world.

Best True Crime Series: Making a Murderer

With a second season last October, Making a Murderer is a must-see for anyone interested in crime and conspiracy. The series is a gripping exploration of the conviction of Steven Avery, a 41-year-old released from an 18-year prison sentence for a rape he did not commit. Two years after exoneration by means of DNA evidence, Steven is charged with Teresa Halbach’s murder. This detailed investigation into the crime itself, Steven’s nephew’s involvement and the American Justice System, its emotional rollercoaster will leave you itching for the next instalment.

Best Spin-Off: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

If you loved the original series’ depiction of small-town drama and family relationships, you will be pleased to hear that Lorelai and Rory return to our screens in this four-episode sequel to Gilmore Girls. With its original cut unexpectedly short, the follow-up offers some closure in exploring the characters’ lives ten years later. The wholesome familiarity and humour of the original series is just as prominent, and as rumours of a second season circulate the internet, this an essential watch for Gilmore Girls fans.