The University of Birmingham has signed a deal with Collabco that will bring its myday digital campus app to students. The service will allow students to access several academic services at once

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The app will enable students to locate available PCs and free study spaces, view timetables, and gain access to academic records and resources. It can also be used to manage library loans and fees, as well as communicate with peers and staff members.

This will be different to the ‘UoB Campus Map’ app that was launched last week that helps students and guests with navigation around campus.

Jo Bryan, Assistant Director of Student Services at UoB, said: ‘myday will be designed to help students make the most of their time at university and will give them the essential systems, services and the latest information they need on a daily basis, all in one location at the swipe of a finger.’

The app has been introduced successfully at institutions including the University of Wolverhampton in an effort to digitise the student experience on campuses across the UK.

In recent years, digitisation has become a fundamental part of student life. Andy Taylor, business development director at Collabco, said that ‘an excellent global reputation like the one that University of Birmingham has must go hand in hand with a digitisation strategy.’ He continued, suggesting that students now ‘demand’ a digital campus experience.

Collabco claims that the UK is entering a new phase of higher education, where the ‘digital campus’ is becoming increasingly important. They argue that digital services such as Panopto and myday provide students with more flexibility in their learning.

Redbrick spoke to a third-year English Literature student who said that digital services have helped to improve their university experience. ‘I have a knee injury, so I sometimes find it difficult to go to every single lecture. But having services like Panopto takes the pressure off and means that there’s more flexibility in how I study.’

Another student said of myday: ‘I think the app will really help me to organise my time. Juggling university, a part-time job, and a social life can be difficult, so I’m sure that this app will improve my time management.’

UoB is currently implementing two major IT projects. However, it is not yet clear when the app will become available.