Editor-in-Chief Tom Leaman raves about the stunning slow motion in this web series

Former Redbrick Editor-in-Chief (2019-20) and News and Elections Editor (2018-19).

The Slow Mo Guys, also known as Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy, are YouTubers who have now produced two full web series, the Super Slow Show and Planet Slow Mo.

The Slow Mo Guys rose to fame in 2010 for their stunts filmed in Free’s back garden using a specialist Phantom high-speed camera. These included bursting a six-foot water balloon and filming Free’s cat jumping out of a tree. More recently, the success of their channel has brought more funding to capture ambitious events all over the world.

The success of their channel has brought more funding to capture ambitious events all over the world

Their first YouTube Originals series, the Super Slow Show, was described by the presenters as including ‘slow-motion we could never pull off in our back garden,’ such as blowing up a house, dropping a car from a crane and even showing how world-famous skateboarder Tony Hawk looks in super slow motion.

Their footage is informative and satisfying in equal measure. It’s hard to describe how it looks to see an underwater photographer record a man bellyflopping into a pool 10 feet high in super slow-mo, but its certainly an entertaining watch.

Their subsequent series, Planet Slow Mo, looked to build on the educational side of their channel. Each episode of the series is split into two parts. The pair also interview experts and conduct experiments to better explain what they’ve filmed.

Free and Gruchy’s chemistry … makes each episode light and accessible

Free and Gruchy’s chemistry, built over a number of years, makes each 10-minute or so episode light and accessible despite the often complex subject matter. Both series provide a new perspective of either everyday events of rarely-seen occurrences.

Their series leave you laughing, entertained and interested to learn more about the world around you. From humble beginnings, Free and Gruchy’s rise has been phenomenal, with each episode in their web series gaining millions of views. Besides these two series, their channel’s entire back catalogue of 184 videos offer plenty of crisp slow-motion footage.