Carys Waters gives you six reasons to embark on a new adventure and take up SCUBA diving

Written by Carys Waters
Images by Summitandbeach

Let’s plunge straight into some reasons why SCUBA might be the hobby for you. SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and has both physical and mental health benefits. What’s not to like?

What’s not to like?

  1. Exploration: Over 70% of the Earth is covered by water, which means there is a massive nautical world which you need to get your flippers on to explore.
  2. Chill out: There’s something incredibly calming about complete silence with only your breathing to focus on. The breathing techniques we use when diving are similar to the ones we use when meditating.
  3. The workout: It is estimated that SCUBA diving burns roughly 600 calories per hour, about the same as a fast-paced jog. I know what I would rather be doing.
  4. It’s fun: You can cement relationships as a dive always happens with a buddy who is legally obliged to have your back under the unwritten SCUBA code. There is truly no friendship more wholesome!
  5. Make some fishy friends: Diving brings you into contact with some miraculous marine life and gives you a great oppor-tuna-ty to gain environmental awareness. Through SCUBA, you learn how to appreciate sea-life without harming it. Remember: Fish are friends, not food.
  6. A break from the outside world: Your phone won’t be buzzing mid-dive which, giving you the opportunity to switch off totally from the outside world. Unfortunately, this means you will not be able to put evidence of your underwater adventures on your Instagram story, therefore you cannot prove to your hard-earned followers that you are having fun.

If you are interested in pursuing a SCUBA qualification then you should definitely check out PADI Level One, which allows you to dive up to 18 metres deep. It involves a few sessions in a swimming pool and two open water dives where you can put your skills into practice in a more realistic environment. So, stop using sharks as an excuse and remember any fin is possible, just don’t trout yourself!