Birmingham Liver Brander Fined £10k

UoB Hosts Fulbright Event

UoB Joins Alan Turing Institute

Graduate Employers Target UoB

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    Sydney University Releases Sexual Harassment Study

    A recent study has revealed the number of women at University of Sydney colleges facing sexual harassment, with this happening to one in four women at one college

    Written by Sophie Woodley on 26th January 2018


    Vice Chancellor Question Time: Live

    Written by John Wimperis, Grace Duncan, Erin Santillo, Phoebe Radford & Tim.Abington on 25th January 2018


    Guild’s ‘Free Periods’ Campaign Returns

    Students who have periods are once again able to collect free sanitary products from the Guild

    Written by John Wimperis on 17th November 2017


    Guild Of Students Rated ‘Excellent’ By NUS Regulator

    The Guild of Students has been awarded an ‘Excellent’ status by the National Union of Students’ (NUS) Quality Students’ Unions regulator

    Written by Josh Hamilton on 22nd June 2017


    Guild Holds Vigil for Manchester Attack Victims

    On Tuesday 23rd May, the Guild of Students held a vigil to remember the victims of the terrorist attack that took place the previous night in Manchester

    Written by Emily Darby & Joseph Timan on 23rd May 2017


    Guild Delegates Reflect on NUS Conference

    Redbrick spoke to the Guild’s delegation for the NUS National Conference 2017 following three days of elections, policy debate and partying

    Written by Joseph Timan on 1st May 2017


    Izzy Lenga Elected NUS VP Welfare

    Former Guild Education Officer and current UoB student Izzy Lenga has been elected NUS VP for Welfare at the National Conference in Brighton

    Written by Joseph Timan on 26th April 2017


    NUS Conference: Guild Submits 4 Motions

    Joseph Timan reports on some of the motions to be voted on at the NUS Conference, four of which have been submitted by the Guild of Students

    Written by Joseph Timan on 25th April 2017


    UoB Student Societies Rally Against Fascism

    Following the discovery of fascist graffiti in Guild, student groups united to rally against discrimination, hatred, and violence

    Written by Emily Roberts on 25th March 2017


    Fascist Graffiti Reappears in Guild Toilets

    Several instances of fascist graffiti targeted at certain groups have recently been discovered in the Guild of Students’ toilets

    Written by Joseph Timan on 13th March 2017


    Guild Officer Election Results 2017

    Daniel Hickey, John Wimperis and Joseph Timan report on the Guild Officer Election Results night featuring interviews with all the successful candidates for full-time officer

    Written by Daniel Hickey, John Wimperis & Joseph Timan on 5th March 2017


    Live Coverage: Guild Election Results 2017

    Live coverage from the Redbrick News team of the results to the Guild Elections 2017

    Written by Redbrick on 4th March 2017
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