Digital Editor Halima Ahad takes inventory on how Monopoly uses quiet enjoyment to make capital

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If you are looking to brush up on your money-making and entrepreneurial skills, then look no further than Monopoly. The aim of the game is to buy as many properties and streets across the board as possible, and from these properties and hotels to collect rent from your opponents. The board game is a chance to bond (or rather, quarrel) over your business making skills and if you reign superior in the end, therefore not going ‘bankrupt’.

Playing the game does bring on heated discussion as it feels like real money and business is involved

There are many iconic pieces of the game such as the player pieces of the cat, penguin and top hat, the double dice, properties, and cash. The game accommodates two to eight players, including one person as the banker of the money share between the opponents. It is definitely good fun if you wanted to play between your housemates, friends, and family alike.

I first discovered the game when staying at my aunt’s house in Manchester and my cousins decided to teach me and my sister the tricks and trade of the game. I can admit, playing the game does bring on heated discussion as it feels like real money and business is involved. As well as this, the game is perfect to play all night long. When we always used to bring out the game, we’d play on until the early hours of the morning and it was very much worth it.

As well as this, being the onlooker or ‘banker’ of the game is a really fun role. The role of the ‘banker’ is meant to show fairness between each player (as well as being fairly good at maths to deal out the money) and it is amusing to see how players try to use the banker’s role to their advantage.

The bonds I’ve made with my cousins and sister from this game are everlasting

With the popularity of Monopoly, many versions of the board game have come out. For example, a Football Stars or Barbie edition. Some may say that the game is overrated but I beg to differ. The versatile approach of the game in its many editions has meant that anyone and everyone can understand the rules behind the iconic board game. As well as this, it gives younger players a chance to learn more about the tricks and trade of how to run a business and to get a taster of what this entails.

Overall, Monopoly is a really fun game as different abilities can come together to display their best business skills. Although it can lead to friendly debate and discussion around rent and who reigns superior in the end, the bonds I’ve made with my cousins and sister from this game are everlasting. Whether you’re a business enthusiast or not, it really is a pleasure to play, and I hope to have the chance to play it again soon.

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