Digital Editor Tamzin Meyer lays out the pros and cons of different types of hair extensions, giving her tips on enhancing natural hair

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Hair extensions have the power to instantly increase someone’s confidence. Whether you are suffering with hair breakage or just want some extra inches added to your natural locks, there are many types of hair extensions you can use. From affordable synthetics to more pricey human hair pieces, there is something for every budget.


Being synthetic also means that they do not look as natural as your real hair

Synthetics are really affordable and can instantly change up your hair. However, it is important to note that they are temporary and do not last as long as more permanent types of hair extensions– from personal experience, they tend to knot quickly and are very hard to resurrect past this point. Being synthetic also means that they do not look as natural as your real hair, often being made out of plastic which has an unnatural shine. Adding a small amount of dry shampoo helps combat this.

Human Hair

If you can afford to do so, human hair extensions are most certainly worth the price. They provide a natural look that synthetics are unable to give and are much more durable. You can treat these extensions very similarly to your normal hair and can decide whether to have them in temporary or longer-lasting forms. 


Clip-ins are the easiest and quickest type of extensions that require the least amount of maintenance. They usually come as one piece or as several smaller strands that you just grip into your hair. These are perfect for nights out and give you instant longer looking locks in seconds, being installed all from the comfort of your own home. Lullabellz are an excellent brand when it comes to clip-ins, they do a variety of really affordable, synthetic extensions that come in different shades, lengths and styles, giving you endless opportunities. Of course, as they are aimed for a lower budget, there are some downsides to be expected. Namely, tangling easily and being hard to brush. 

Wrap-Around Ponytails

[Ponytails] can add instant volume and length with a simple velcro strap and few grips

If you would like to feel like the hair queen Ariana Grande herself, then you need to seriously consider investing in a wrap-around ponytail. These are so easy to add on to your usual ponytail yet can add instant volume and length with a simple Velcro strap and few grips. You will be swishing your hair all day. ClipHair are the experts when it comes to ponies. Check out their website to see a range of different length ponies with 100% Remy Hair. Their new release of ‘Straight Up Wrap-around Ponytails’ are a must-have, providing silky soft locks that range from 14”-24.” My personal favourite of this new launch just has to be the 24” inch pony which I was gifted in the shade ‘Darkest Brown.’ I was super impressed as I usually only purchase synthetics but now I have tried ClipHair’s human hair ponytails, I will not be purchasing from any other brand. The bonus to these extensions is that you can dye and style them as if they were your own hair. What is more, the packaging is super luxurious, keeping the extensions safe. 


A lot of people do not know that I have tape in extensions and that is exactly why I have them. This is because they look so natural that they blend beautifully with your natural hair. You can choose from a variety of lengths (mine are the 18” extensions by Sway) and brands of hair. The way the hairdressers position these tapes means that they can be styled without being seen and are comfortable to wear. The hair itself can last for over 9 months but you will need to splash out on having the tapes refit every 8-10 weeks as your hair grows. Tapes are a perfect way of giving you extra confidence if you have experienced hair breakage or hair loss or even just want to alter up your natural and healthy shorter locks.

Nano Bond Micro Rings

These are the most expensive of the extensions in this article but for good reason. You 100% get what you pay for as it takes the hairdressers a long time to install your high quality and extremely natural, undetectable locks. As the hair is installed in really small strands, it can take a really long time in the salon. However, the overall result will give you much more flexibility with hairstyles and will mean that your hair will last much longer than tape extensions. As these are not glued into your hair, you also do not have to worry about your hair feeling sticky or getting matted in any way.

There is something for everyone when it comes to hair extensions

There is something for everyone when it comes to hair extensions. They can instantly give you an extra boost of confidence and enable you to reach the hair goals of your dreams. If you are nervous about investing in extensions and have never tried them before, try out a temporary synthetic form of extensions before taking the plunge into committing to a more expensive, higher quality type.


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