Print and Features Editor Kitty Grant shares her tips for wearing Crocs with confidence this summer

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Founded in 2002, Crocs gained popularity in the mid-2000s as a comfortable, if unattractive, shoe of convenience – great for taking out the bins and popping to the shops. By the 2010s, general opinion had switched; for many, their practicality no longer trumped their appearance.

Even with their comeback, wearing an item with so many naysayers can be intimidating

In 2017, when fashion house Balenciaga released platform Crocs, complete with spiky Jibbitz (the charms attached to the ventilation holes) the fashion world and the general public was in agreement that Crocs would never make a comeback. And yet, in 2021, Crocs are sold in Highstreet stores such as Urban Outfitters and are worn on the stylish feet of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Michelle Obama. However, even with their comeback, wearing an item with so many naysayers can be intimidating, so here are a few tips to embrace your Crocs.

Tip 1: You are wearing Crocs, don’t hide it

When wearing items considered by many to be ugly, the first instinct is often to try and hide them. However, by choosing Crocs with brighter colours and bolder patterns, you can show that you are not ashamed of the way they are perceived. Wearing a more subtle colour may suggest that you are trying to shy away from styling them, rather than owning them – by choosing a more out-there colour or print, you are telling the world you do not care what they may think!

By choosing Crocs with brighter colours and bolder patterns, you can show that you are not ashamed of the way they are perceived

Tip 2: Casual is the way to go

Though Crocs are gaining popularity, and are certainly less hated than they once were, you’ll still get some strange looks if you wear them to a wedding or a nightclub. Styling them is a balancing act; they are too casual for formal events, but they can be worn for more than just taking the dog for a walk, or an early-hours accommodation fire alarm. Due to their waterproof nature, Crocs can be a great choice for the beach, paired with a summery dress. They can also be styled with jeans, creating a contrast between the bright plastic Crocs and the subtle denim for a more relaxed look.

Tip 3: Customise them

Wearing Crocs should be a fun experience and adding charms – known to Crocs wearers as ‘Jibbitz’ – really allows you to be more playful with them. A wide range of Jibbitz can be found on the Crocs website, from Disney collaborations to their Pride collection. An even greater selection can be found from independent sellers on websites such as Depop and Etsy, or you could even buy plain charm bases and make your own. The key here is creativity; the Croc itself is merely a starting point for asserting your individuality and personal style.

Wearing Crocs should be a fun experience

Tip 4: Embrace your inner child

Much of the current insurgence of Croc-wearing comes from Gen-Z, who have adopted the new trend for Crocs into their own style. For this demographic, Crocs are associated with childhood, due to their initial rise in popularity in the 2000s, and this idea can really be played into. Crocs pair well with other styles from the ‘kidcore’ aesthetic, which is characterised by bright clothing, bold makeup, and chunky plastic jewellery—if Jojo Siwa wouldn’t wear it, it’s probably not kidcore!

Tip 5: Ignore what anyone else thinks

Despite their recent comeback – or, perhaps because of it – Crocs still have their fair share of haters, from Victoria Beckham to Tom Ford. However, just because some people do not like them, it does not mean you should not wear them. Anything interesting in fashion will find some controversy, it just means that people are passionate. Fashion should be about choice, and the choice to wear Crocs, to accessories them with Jibbitz and to embrace the style does not affect anybody else. So, go and wear those Crocs with pride – I know I do.



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