Digital Editor Halima Ahad reviews Dove Cameron’s ‘heart-wrenching’ new single

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Dove Cameron has returned to the music scene with her brand new single ‘Sand’, charting how she feels haunted and lost after a recent breakup with her lover. The single has been released in anticipation of Cameron’s debut album Alchemical: Volume 1.
According to American Songwriter, in the song’s exclusive press release, “‘Sand’ is about a person who I loved very much, and who I thought I was going to spend my life with,” Cameron explains further about the origins of how the song came about “I hope when you hear this song, it helps you learn to trust your instincts when you fall for someone, and hold out for the one where the more you give, the more they give.”

The song begins with hard-hitting lyrics

The song begins with hard-hitting lyrics ‘What’s worse / Bein’ wanted but not loved / Or loved but not wanted?’ which expresses the singer’s present grief about her breakup and how she feels unwanted by her ex-lover for the way they treated her. The chorus reiterates this message once again ‘I saw the end when we began / You couldn’t love the way I can’ which highlights her strong feelings about how she felt the one-sided love from the beginning of the relationship.

I found the song to be really heart-wrenching and deep

Overall, I found the song to be really heart-wrenching and deep, where it makes me think about my own relationships and how the energy that I give back should be reciprocated genuinely.
Rating – 9.5/10