Music Editor Hannah Gadd reviews The Driver Era’s latest single, describing it as an effortless fusion of pop and rock elements

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The Driver Era are back for their first release of 2024 with their brand new single ‘Get Off My Phone’. The track has been highly anticipated after the duo, consisting of Ross and Rocky Lynch, shared snippets on their social media accounts. 

Straight away the track opens with Ross Lynch’s warm vocals as he croons about a past-love he can’t seem to get over. A simple electric guitar riff sits quietly behind the vocal before a gentle drum beat and muted distorted guitar part kicks in. With the additional instruments the song’s energy and pace increases, racing to the chorus.

The track swells and Ross’ voice is powerful and controlled

The track swells and Ross’ voice is powerful and controlled, his gentle delivery of the verse switches to belting as we arrive at the chorus. The lyrics share ideas about the temptation to look at what someones doing through your phone and social media once they are no longer in your life. Lynch sounds commanding as he pleads, ‘Get off my phone/ Leave me alone/ Don’t wanna think of all the ways that we went wrong/ I can’t resist/ What hell is this?’.

As we exit the chorus, the track is at its most decorated and we can hear the effortless fusion of pop and rock elements. Lynch continues to mourn his ex-lover as we enter into the second verse which is powered by a silky guitar, a fast-paced piano part and bolder percussion. 

The bridge brings the song back down from its epic heights

The bridge brings the song back down from its epic heights, a muted grunge soundscape accompanies echoing vocals before an explosive drum fill brings the track back into gear. There is something about the pop-punk-esque chorus and vocal delivery which sounds particularly nostalgic, seeming like a subtle nod to the duo’s R5 days, perhaps looking back on a time where our phones caused us less anguish. 

The song is, in contrast, soft and angelic as it comes to a close. A tender piano part and the sound of a ticking clock takes us out of track as Lynch sedately repeats the opening lyrics. Ultimately ‘Get Off My Phone’ is a solid single from The Driver Era following ‘Rumors’ and sets the duo up nicely for any plans they might have to release an album this year. 

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