Life&Style Writer Abigail Tate outlines how the 2000s have influenced our fashion trends

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It’s no secret that trends are recycled. As consumers we are constantly looking for the next aesthetic, the most fashionable item and with TikTok growing in popularity it seems that this has inspired a wave of Y2K inspired looks.

The early 2000s has a very distinct style. Developing on from the 90s which was grungier and heavily inspired by streetwear, hip hop and acid house, the 2000s took these influences and hyper-feminised them, creating this tacky yet simultaneously glamourous aesthetic. We see this style present in the Bratz dolls as well as iconic early 2000s films like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde. The early 2000s induces images of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears being photographed with iconic mini bags, in low rise jeans and way too much pink. Whilst these were trends from twenty years ago, TikTok has revived them. And we are here for it!

This nostalgic aesthetic has also been adapted by the Gen Z creators of TikTok to become more modernised

As soon as you search the tag Y2K on TikTok you are greeted with creators sharing short videos such as outfit inspiration, hacks and recreating iconic Y2K looks. These videos have hundreds of thousands of views highlighting the intrigue and how this is an aesthetic very much in demand. However, this nostalgic aesthetic has also been adapted by the Gen Z creators of TikTok to become more modernised. Through this platform Gen Z are exploring their personal styles, going beyond the consumption of fast fashion, instead emphasising creativity and personal expression. Ultimately, TikTok is trending and therefore decides the trends. It is an app so much more than dancing, acting as a platform that encourages creativity. Here are just a few of the Y2K trends we love:

Butterfly Clips

The butterfly motif was especially popular during the early 2000s with celebrities such as Lizzie McGuire and Britney Spears heavily indulging in this trend. The reoccurrence of this shows that you don’t need a big budget to be able to follow the Y2K aesthetic. Rather it is a practical, affordable and fun accessory.

Chunky hair highlights

It is clear that the trend of chunky hair highlights has been refined since the chaotic 2000s reality. Now, TikTok creators indulging in this trend are categorised as ‘e-girls’, typically bleaching and dying the front pieces in a recreation of the style.

Frosty blue eyeshadow

Monochromatic eye shadows are a statement look seen on the likes of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in the 2000s.

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