Digital Editor Halima Ahad interviews Leya Iqbal as she discusses her recent project in Lebanon with Team H&K

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Leya Iqbal, a third year Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Birmingham, has done some amazing things with Jigsaw Charity. Jigsaw is a Birmingham based, independent non-profit that works to make a positive difference to those facing challenges.

Digital Editor Halima Ahad took the opportunity to interview her recently, to find out about the amazing opportunities she has taken to give charity to those who are less fortunate across the globe.

Hi Leya, can you introduce yourself and tell Redbrick more about what TeamH&K is?

Hi, I’m Leya! I’m a third-year Sociology and Social Policy student at UoB. Team H&K (composed of me and my family) fundraise and volunteer for Jigsaw Charity, we aim to alleviate poverty in the hardest to reach areas of the globe.

How was your deployment in Lebanon and how did TeamH&K work towards their goals?

Visiting Lebanon was beautiful, but also heartbreaking to firsthand see the levels of poverty, suffering and grief that these refugees encounter on a daily basis. It was also extremely emotional. Team H&K distributed food parcels, dignity bags (containing hygiene necessities such as reusable sanitary pads, washing bowls and detergent) and hot meals to the needy Syrian and Palestinian refugees, as well as the Lebanese community.

Visiting Lebanon was beautiful, but also heartbreaking

How much did TeamH&K raise for the Dignity project? 

For our Lebanon deployment, we raised £9,659.75 in total.

As well as the Dignity project, what were other major projects TeamH&K has worked on?

Collectively, TeamH&K have raised more than £650,000. We were active on the ground during the 2022 Pakistan floods, providing life saving aid to flood victims in the area of Sindh. As well as this, our Pakistan Ramadan 2023 appeal raised £95,264.05 in total. Another significant project of TeamH&K was our social welfare, education and livelihood support programme which took place in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir in July 2023. We refurbished two schools, opened a health support camp, fruit and veg carts, distributed livestock, established ablution facilities and constructed concrete foot-paths. Projects were all hand-delivered and overseen by my father. 

Check out their Instagram to learn more: @_teamhk. Share, support and donate to help make a difference. 

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