Why is the takeover of Codemasters significant for the developer? Dan Jenkins finds some useful answers for us in his latest piece

Written by Dan Jenkins
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UK based developer Codemasters have agreed a price with Take-Two Interactive – believed to be $994 million (£750  million – over their potential acquisition. The publishing behemoth already owns Rockstar, 2K, Private Division, Ghost Story Games, and Socialpoint, and boasted a revenue of $3.09billion dollars last fiscal year. 

Codemasters were founded in 1986 and are best known for their racing games particularly the F1  and Dirt series.


In an attempt to conduct some actual journalism, I called up their PR department and learned the following fun facts:

  •  There are no plans to close the Birmingham or Southam studios
  • There is a possibility of Codemasters being moved under a subsidiary like 2K, though no decision has been reached yet by the investors
  •  The possibility is now open for Codemasters and other Take-Two developers such as Rockstar to collaborate – which of course means in the next Formula 1 game you will be able to leave your car and shoot other drivers, Grand Theft Auto style.

I did forget to ask if there was a possibility of an Overlord 3 though, so shame on me. Perhaps this inquisition will lead to some exciting developments in the future.


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