The World War 2 RTS game Company of Heroes 3 was announced earlier this week and Gaming writer Dan Jenkins is here to break it down

Written by Dan Jenkins
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The World War 2 RTS game Company of Heroes 3 was announced earlier this week after a cryptic 12 hour long livestream filled with the sounds of distant gunfire and clips of 1940s newsreels.

With this third entry, the series’ focus has shifted from the fast-paced multiplayer action of the eastern front to a Mediterranean setting and a single player campaign map reminiscent of the Total War series. It appears that the Brits, including colonial forces like Indian artillery regiments and bush hat wearing ANZACs, will also be storming sandy beaches alongside the Americans – presumably on their way to destroy some precious historical landmarks with gunfire. If you are in the mood for something more sneaky however, knife throwing commandos and Italian anti-fascist partisans also made appearances in promotional material.

In a move more unexpected than a division of paratroopers landing in your garden,  an alpha version of the game was made available just an hour after the initial announcement – a fact made even more shocking by the “late 2022” release date. The alpha gameplay shown thus far looks a little rough but it is still early days. However, I did notice that the already excellent sound design from Company of Heroes 2 has been further built upon, with gameplay accompanied by excellent soundscapes that I can only describe as incredibly bassy.

At the moment, it seems like the developers are trying to avoid discussing the multiplayer, which formed the core part of Company of Heroes 2 and caused me to angrily uninstall the game many times over back in the day. This said, a greater focus on the single player couldn’t hurt, especially after the second game’s campaign essentially becoming an exercise in reproducing common stereotypes of life in the Eastern front, leading to some controversy in Eastern European nations.

In recent months I’ve found myself watching old shout casts of Company of Heroes 2 and I’m feeling positive about this new addition to the series. If anything, I hope that it encourages more players to engage in my favourite activity of clicking units to make them say funny things.

You can watch the announcement trailer below:

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