Life&Style Writer Yankie Chow gives us four reasons why we should consider doing our Black Friday shopping online this year

Written by YankieChow

With the advancement of technology improving our lives for the better, everything is at the tip of our fingertips. Technology not only helped with the connection between people but also the rise of online platforms. This helps to widen our choices in shopping. We don’t have to search for hours from store to store just for the right product, or just window shop between stores. A lot of online platforms are here to save us time to figure out the product that fits us most. Therefore, with the sales coming up this Black Friday, shopping at home might be a better choice.

It saves time:

Firstly, online shopping helps to save a lot of time. Unlike in-shops which have a fixed amount of opening and closing hours, online platforms operate around the clock, allowing consumers around the world to browse and make purchases any time of the day, no matter day or night. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time when we don’t have to queue for the products we wish to buy, especially during big sales. Instead of waiting in long queues as everyone is shopping myriads of products for the Black Friday sales, all you need to do is click your fingertips, and you can purchase an item you wish to buy within seconds.

…shopping online allows you to compare prices and deals across a wide range of sites

It saves money:

 Apart from saving time, online platforms also help save money by helping to compare the prices of products between different shops. Shopping online allows you to compare prices and deals across a wide range of sites, as well as the different functions or your preferences between different products. With the enhancement and improvement of technology, more stores are willing to develop online platforms to boost their sales. Knowing that many people are willing to shop online due to convenience, stores provide a wider range of selections and choices for customers to compare. With easy access to comparing different products online, from the price to what preference each customer needs, online shopping is way easier and time-efficient. 

There’s more choice:

As well as saving time and money, there are also more choices online. In physical stores, where there is only a limited shelf space for placing different products, there’s less variety of goods that could be shown. But when it comes to online stores, there aren’t limited spaces for selling goods. Instead, the choices are endless and stores can provide different products according to the customer’s needs: products are abundant for customers to choose from. Some stores also allow customisation of products so that they can meet all of the customer’s needs best. As a customer, it is surely better that the more choices the merrier.

…online stores help you keep up with different cash rewards and discounts

You can get extra discounts:

With different apps linked to online and physical stores, these online stores help you keep up with different cash rewards and discounts when purchasing a certain amount of goods. There are also limited coupon codes, which are also popular in online shopping. In addition to the Black Friday sales, there would be more discounts offered and therefore the latest news regarding sales would be important when keeping updated on track on how to make the most of your money worth it. Online, the latest discounts are offered immediately.

We can use online stores to get our money’s worth during the Black Friday sales. So, with all of these benefits of shopping online rather than physical stores, why don’t we try to shop online more often?

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