Print and Features Editor Kitty Grant shares her shopping list that every Fresher needs

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences student and Print Editor
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Moving to University for the first time is a really exciting experience, but it can be a little scary too. With so much stuff you need to get to make your room habitable, food shopping is, understandably, not most peoples priority. Hopefully this list of cupboard essentials will take away a little stress and allow you to enjoy freshersweek to the fullest, without worrying about empty cupboards.

Having a few packets in the cupboard for when you want something quick is a must


The stereotype of students eating nothing but pasta exists for a reasonit is quick, fits into different diets, and with different sauces can be very varied. If you eat pasta for every meal you will eventually get bored of it, but having a few packets in the cupboard for when you want something quick is a must.

Cooking oil and salt

These two essentials are easy to forget when buying bigger items, but you will soon realise how much you need them.

Frozen veg

There are a lot of negative connotations that come with frozen food, but having a bag of your favourite veg in the freezer can make life so much easier.

Crushed garlic

Garlic can add flavour to so many different dishes, but chopping it will leave a lingering smell on your hands for much longer than your breath, so pre-crushed garlic will make your life just a little bit easier.

Plant-based milk

Whether you drink dairy or not, having a carton of plant-based milk in the cupboard can be really useful. Unlike cowsmilk, plant-based milks are typically long life, meaning you can keep some in the cupboard for emergenciesso much easier than a late-night trip to the shops.

Tinned tomatoes form the basis of so many dishes

Tinned tomatoes

Tinned tomatoes form the basis of so many dishes, from stews to pasta sauces, so having a tin or two will be useful whatever your tastes.

Herbs and spices

The types of cuisine you prefer and the amount you plan on cooking will dictate which you buy. For someone planning on cooking fairly basic dishes, I would recommend dried Italian herbs, curry powder, and fajita seasoning, as these versatile mixes cover three of the main cuisines students tend to cook.

Washing-up liquid

Whether or not your accommodation has a dishwasher you are probably going to be doing most of your washing up by hand so you will need washing-up liquid and some kind of sponge (try not to be the person using up all your flatmateswashing-up liquid).

Toilet roll

You really dont want to forget this one.

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