Life&Style writer Aime Kealy shares some final reflections on the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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It’s finally here: the last ever season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Now, whilst I’m sure for many people, the lack of airtime given to the Kardashian family will have little to no consequence for them, others may see this as the end of an era and the end of a culture that had been cultivated and expanded over the last 14 years. Even for those who are not fans of the show themselves, the name Kardashian is worldwide enterprise that rings both alarms of concern but also praise among both adults and young people alike.

The decision to end the show, and finally gain some semblance of privacy, comes as no surprise

There is no uncertainty that over the last 14 years things were bound to change- both the Kardashian sisters themselves, the relationships they have with other people, but also the personal content that they chose to share with the world. After so many years giving the public unfiltered access into their lives, the decision to end the show, and finally gain some semblance of privacy, comes as no surprise.

In the last few seasons especially, there seems to have been significant changes within the Kardashian family that may have been the catalyst for the show’s end. Over the last few years Kim has started working closely with the White House and law system, working on cases to see people who were unjustly sentenced set free. Her work on these cases has led her to jump back into law, in the hopes of becoming a lawyer, and so it is understandable how her focus and priorities have shifted away from the show, towards building a new, different career for herself. In recent episodes, the show has shown Kim’s diligent revision efforts, whilst balancing requirements for the show, and being a full-time mom. Kim is now a far-cry from the socialite she used to be, and as such, her work ethic and dedication to what she believes in, make her an unquestionable role model.

Not filming the show means that they can also focus on other priorities

Likewise with Khloe and Kourtney, who also have their own businesses outside of the show- Khloe has Good American and Kourtney, Poosh– not filming the show means that they can also focus on other priorities.

There is no question that the sisters have matured over the years, no doubt a result of all the hardships they have faced, which the media has only further exacerbated, and as such, the brand and image they maintained at the start of season one, is vastly different from that of the last season. Although they will forever face the scrutiny of the public, even without the show, their inclusive attitudes, hard work ethics, and close-family dynamic, make them more than just superficial celebrities. And because of this, no matter how much people rail against them at times, it is fair to say that their presence on tv will be missed.


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