Gaming Editor Louis Wright reviews the range of food and drink, including bubble and matcha tea, served at Cafe 55 in Selly Oak

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Few establishments, especially in Selly Oak, have the charm and repute of Cafe 55. The cafe-restaurant hybrid, located on the Bristol Road is arguably the best place for university students to go regardless of the situation.

There are countless places in Selly Oak that provide bubble tea, but Cafe 55 stands high above its competition with the quality and range of flavours. Not only does it provide a variety of sweet, fruit flavoured teas, but also boba of countless flavours that perfectly compliment the tea’s profile. Its range of traditional drinks is something to behold. 


…the best bubble tea in Selly Oak

The true highlight however is the matcha green tea that they serve. Drinkable hot or cold, it perfectly suits any weather or mood. Its flavour is a beautiful blend of sweet and nutty. The hot matcha green tea also combines wonderfully with the tapioca pearls which are somewhat of an unofficial signature of the establishment.

The food quality is nothing to ignore either. There are a broad range of options from many different Asian cuisines that ensure that there is always an option for any mood. This is assisted by the wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options that are provided, allowing dietary requirements to be catered to.


One of the best dishes there is likely the King Prawn and Pineapple Chao Fan. This dish is simple in flavour profile but exceeds in every regard. The rice is flavourful and beautifully sticky, and the umami of the prawns and cashews being contrasted excellently by the sweetness and juiciness of the pineapple chunks. Moreover, the presentation of the dish, with the fried rice being served in half a pineapple hollowed out, is outstanding and allows the dish to excel in its aptitude to serve multiple senses.


Cafe 55 is a cosy eatery that provides an immaculate atmosphere, delicious food, and arguably the best bubble tea in Selly Oak. From its friendly staff to a 10% students discount (with proof of student ID), it is the go-to place for whatever the needs require. Whether you are studying or going for a hearty meal, Cafe 55 is the place to be.

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