Culture editor Emily Gulbis praises the Moany Lisa podcast for offering an entertaining and informative insight into the art world with its discussions on the famous and the bizarre pieces we call art

Written by Emily Gulbis
Second Year English Student and Editor for Redbrick Culture

An entertaining, easy listening art discussion that is designed for all is the best way to describe the Moany Lisa podcast. Whether you study art history, have a passion for visiting art galleries, or simply want to learn something new, this podcast is suited for everyone. Created by third-year art historians Nadia and Ella, the podcast combines what they say are their two favourite things, art and moaning.

Moany Lisa is a wonderful podcast for discovering the less known history of famous artworks, or to learn about more obscure pieces that are pushing the boundaries of what we classify as art. Nadia and Ella discuss, in a relaxed conversation, the amusing and sometimes unpalatable facts about these artworks that are not displayed on gallery information boards.

Starting with their first podcast about their namesake, the Mona Lisa, Nadia and Ella discuss the exciting and remarkable history of this painting by Leonardo da Vinci, and how it has come to be the most recognisable work in the art world. The Mona Lisa is now a highly reproduced painting found on t-shirts, posters, with even songs composed about it; and yet, when it was first displayed, the Mona Lisa only attracted local tourists. In this podcast, Nadia and Ella reveal why her portrait has become such a landmark that attracts the largest audiences and demands the highest security alongside a bulletproof case.

Nadia and Ella carefully balance this information with entertaining side comments, in addition to their own opinions on the artworks, which are refreshingly honest

This podcast provides a thorough overview of the painting’s composition and history without becoming overwhelming for listeners. Nadia and Ella carefully balance this information with entertaining side comments, in addition to their own opinions on the artworks, which are refreshingly honest such as saying, for them, seeing the Mona Lisa in real life was underwhelming.

The second episode goes further in discussing the unusual and revolting side of art. In this episode, Nadia and Ella challenge each other to pick out the most gruesome art pieces they can think of. This stimulates an entertaining discussion that raises questions like, can tins containing poo be classed as art?  However, the podcast also broadens out into more thoughtful talk about the implications of these ridiculous artworks and how the commercialisation of art means that anything will be bought just because it has the artist’s signature, even tins of poo.

I would highly recommend everyone to listen to the Moany Lisa podcasts, as an enjoyable way to take a break from work during the Christmas holidays and learn something new and surprising about art. These podcasts offer a light-hearted, humorous insight into artworks where you might learn something new or just take 15 minutes to relax and laugh along with a conversation about the famous, bizarre and madness that is the art world.

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