Music Critic Anya Logue reviews Maisie Peters’ latest single, an upbeat song to help us dance along to heartbreak

Written by Anya
Second year history student at UoB

If you are a girl who is into guys, chances are you have probably been screwed over by one or two by now. We have all been there – spending a summer crying over some sucker who definitely does not deserve your tears. Cue Maisie Peters, who is here to tell you to ‘forget that boy ever existed.’

I find myself giving (and sometimes receiving) the ‘that man’s a loser and you deserve better’ pep talk at least once every few months. So it is nice to hear from this song that my friendship group is not the only one plagued by heartache and ‘he-who-won’t-be-mentioned’ exes. The chorus is essentially a much more eloquent version of that well practiced speech.

The chorus is essentially a much more eloquent version of that well practiced speech

‘Sad Girl Summer’ is the pop song you need to transition from crying about your heartbreak to singing along to it. Maisie Peters eloquently paints a painfully familiar picture with lines like ‘She’s vodka coke unsteady / So we’re secretly staging an intervention.’ But despite the title and somewhat sad lyrics, this is not a ballad. Upbeat and impossible not to at least sway along to, this single is a triumphant dance number. Even if you are not currently going through a break-up or rejection, the tune is catchy enough to make it to your summer playlist anyway.

But the song is not wholly about the people you are having to get over. The music video, rather than showing a breakup or failed relationship, focuses on the friendships that will help you get through the pain of boys being idiots. It’s a wonderfully fun video featuring Peters and her best friends all laughing together (or as together as much as they can be during lockdown). Ultimately, ‘Sad Girl Summer’ is an ode to those people who will be there for you even when your love life is a bit of a mess. As Peters declares, ‘No one has to dance on their own.’

Rating: 7/10

Sad Girl Summer is available now via Atlantic Records

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