The committee members of Writers’ Bloc spotlight their society this March

Written by Devin Birse

“I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Here at Writer’s Bloc we host weekly workshops and editing sessions for page, stage and screen, offering an informal, friendly community for writers, regardless of style, experience or interest. From campus to Instagram and beyond, we are here to support emerging wordsmiths at every level, celebrating and uplifting their diverse voices.

Meet the Committee! 

President – Marta Console Camprini 

Secretary – Tristan Peissel

Treasurer – Riley Wells

Communications Officer –  Evie Wright

Co-Literary Events Organiser – Benedict Vasquez 

Co-Literary Events Organiser – Devin Birse 

Journal Editor – Grace Davis 

Screenwriter’s Bloc President – Will Byrne

Socials Officer – Ro Kandola

External Relations Officer – Cassandra Fong 

We aim to give writers of all kinds opportunities to share and discuss their writing, space to work on writing prompts, and attend socials with like-minded writers. Even if you’re more of a reader than a writer, we always welcome new voices and different opinions. In addition to this, we run a sub-society devoted solely to screenwriting called, as you might expect, ‘Screenwriter’s Bloc’,  as well as a monthly open mic night at Selly Oak’s Circo bar called Grizzly Pear. Every quarter we also give our members the chance to publish work, by running anthologies on a wide range of topics and collabing with other societies as well.

We hope to continue building ties with all writers, and those who love others’ writing; cultivating a constructive and friendly environment for everyone.

A few words from committee:

“Being the president is like hosting a party and making sure everyone has a good time. The learning curve has been steep, but creating a pleasant atmosphere has been very rewarding.” Marta, President

“I think that we writers work best when we have a community with us to provide another pair of eyes and a different mindset for our work.” Cassandra, External Relations Officer

“Working as the Journal Editor has been one of the most rewarding roles during my time at uni. I love engaging with other peoples’ work, sharing ideas with our members, and sparking new routes of inspiration.” Grace, Journal Editor

“Keeping this society running is no mean feat, but when you see the impact it has and the opportunities we’re able to give all who attend, it makes it all worth it! To see yours and others’ work published and feel like a professional writer is, for me, one of the coolest feelings in the world.” Tristan, Secretary

We always welcome new writers with unique voices. Check out our Instagram account at @uobwritersbloc for up-to-date information about our upcoming sessions or some fun social events. Be sure to watch out for ways that you can become more involved!

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