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    Bloopers Abroad: France

    Travel Writer Charlotte Minter shares some of her comic moments while on her Year Abroad

    Written by charlotteminter on 11th March 2019


    Top Five Day Trips: Nice

    Travel writer Zuzanna Edwards shares her top five day trips from Nice

    Written by Zuzanna Edwards on 23rd November 2018


    A Student’s Guide to: Paris

    Travel writter Maddie Borune gives a student's guide to Paris

    Written by Madeleine Bourne on 6th November 2018


    Walking the Pyrenees | Day 3- Part 2

    Travel writer Hal Keelin's final instalment of his Walking the Pyrenees series

    Written by Hal Keelin on 6th February 2018


    Walking The Pyrenees | Day 3- Part 1

    Travel Writer Hal Keelin begins his final instalment of his Walking The Pyrenees series

    Written by Hal Keelin on 30th January 2018


    Walking the Pyrenees | Day 2

    Travel writer Hal Keelin presents the second instalment of his 'Walking the Pyrenees' series

    Written by Hal Keelin on 7th December 2017


    How To Survive a Year Abroad

    TV Editor Matt Dawson gives us some valuable advice for surviving your year abroad

    Written by Matt Dawson on 26th October 2017


    Top 3: Places to Ski in France

    Travel writer, Emma, explores this winter's best French alpine gems

    Written by Emma Chambers on 11th November 2016


    A Postcard From: The Auvergne

    Travel writer, Flick, writes a postcard from her trip to the Auvergne valley

    Written by Felicity Hemming on 23rd October 2016


    Nantes & Rennes

    Travel writer, Matt, shares his experience of two unique French cities; Nantes and Rennes

    Written by Matt Dawson on 5th October 2016


    France’s Best Kept Secret: The Region of Aquitaine

    Travel writer, Matt, shares one of France's best kept secrets

    Written by Matt Dawson on 8th September 2016


    Paris: A beautiful city come rain or shine

    Travel writer Hugh braves Paris in one of the rainiest months of the year

    Written by Hugh Thomas on 11th April 2016
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