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Best of Britain: Warwick

Volunteering in Romania

Tiny, Wooden Homes

Religious Tourism in China

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    Winter in Amsterdam

    Deputy Editor Kat Smith enjoys a chilly few days in the Dutch capital

    Written by Kat Smith on 8th March 2019


    Travel Diary: Kyoto and Osaka

    Travel Writer Saivan Khonji - Sajjadi shares his experience of visiting two Japanese cities

    Written by Saivan Khonji-Sajjadi on 4th February 2019


    Warning: Mountain ahead!

    Travel writer Lily Haugh shares her experiences of climbing Mount Snowdon with her family

    Written by Lily Haugh on 22nd November 2018


    Best of Britain: Liverpool

    Travel writer Jacky Sy shares his trip to Liverpool

    Written by Jacky Sy on 20th November 2018


    Best of Britain: Newcastle

    Travel writter Marianne Holt shares her experiences in Newcastle

    Written by Marianne Holt on 8th November 2018


    48 Hours in Hamburg

    Travel writter Laura Mosley writes about the 48 hours she spent in Hamburg

    Written by Laura Mosley on 30th October 2018


    Having an Impact on the Road

    Travel writer Evangeline Hunt discusses the importance of considering local businesses when travelling and shares her top tips on how to reduce your environmental footprint

    Written by Evangeline Hunt on 18th May 2018


    An Insight Into Studying Abroad

    Travel writer Madeline McInnis from Canada shares her experience of studying here in Birmingham

    Written by mmcinnis on 22nd March 2018


    Feeling Alone Abroad

    Travel writer Evangeline Hunt is studying abroad in Canada. In this article, she shares her feelings of loneliness and addresses the challenges she has faced.

    Written by Evangeline Hunt on 15th March 2018


    Best of Britain | Cardiff

    Travel writer Alys Haswell writes about her hometown, Cardiff, and the hidden delights it has to offer.

    Written by Alys Haswell on 28th February 2018


    Travel Diary | Dublin

    Travel writer Ella Jane writes about her time spent in Dublin and gives her top tips on what to do, where to eat and places to avoid

    Written by Guest Author on 7th February 2018


    Walking the Pyrenees | Day 3- Part 2

    Travel writer Hal Keelin's final instalment of his Walking the Pyrenees series

    Written by Hal Keelin on 6th February 2018
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