A Postcard From Split

Cruise Myth-Busting: Why Cruises Are Perfect for Students

How to Cope with Reverse Culture Shock

Cheap Trips: Bali

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    A Postcard From Split

    Travel writer Anna Wise shares her experience of the increasingly popular destination of Split, Croatia.

    Written by Anna Wise on 22nd September 2017


    How to Cope with Reverse Culture Shock

    Travel Writer Tara Kergon writes about the puzzling phenomenon of reverse culture shock and offers helpful advice on how to cope with it

    Written by Tara Kergon on 30th August 2017


    The Banksy Art Exhibition: Amsterdam

    Travel writer Emillie visits Banksy's art exhibition lying in the heart of the creative city of Amsterdam

    Written by Emillie Gallagher on 7th April 2017


    On The Road: Van Life in the USA

    Travel writer, Iesha Thomas, shares a fascinating interview with two 'on the road' American travellers

    Written by Iesha Thomas on 4th April 2017


    The Other Side of Morocco

    Travel writer, Caitlin, experiences a different side of Morocco whilst volunteering

    Written by Caitlin Dickinson on 26th October 2016


    A Postcard From: Lake Superior

    Travel writer, Alex Goodwin, writes a postcard from one of North America's great lakes

    Written by Alex Goodwin on 25th October 2016


    A Diary Entry From…Sydney From The Sky

    Travel writer Hugh describes his experiences of viewing the Sydney skyline from the sky above

    Written by Travel on 5th April 2016


    Why Travel to North Korea?

    International Relations student and travel writer Hugh Thomas, gives interesting reasons for why he wants to take an unforgettable and extremely unusual trip to North Korea.

    Written by Redbrick on 14th January 2016


    A Christmas Spent Abroad: Wonderful or Weird?

    Travel Writer Carys uses her experiences of visiting Thailand and South Africa at Christmas time to discuss the pros and cons of spending the festive period away from home.

    Written by Carys Bedford on 23rd December 2015


    Top 3 Travel Gifts for the Festive Season

    Travel Writer Beckey reveals her top three favourite travel-inspired gifts this Christmas.

    Written by Beckey Bulman on 23rd December 2015


    Top 10 Places to Visit in 2016

    Travel writer Gino offers a diverse selection of beautiful holiday destinations, and provides reasons to visit them next year.

    Written by Gino Spocchia on 30th November 2015


    Capturing Kos: One of Greece’s Most Vibrant Islands

    Travel writer Rocco explains why Kos is an ideal destination for holiday-makers.

    Written by Rocco Campanaro on 27th November 2015
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