Life&Style’s Anisha Mansuri shows us a glimpse into the wardrobe department of the new Gossip Girl reboot coming this summer

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Hey there Upper East Siders, we hear there’s a new generation in town.

Gossip Girl is due for a makeover following news of a reboot which is expected to air this summer as part of Warner Media’s new streaming service. The original show staring Leighton Meester and Blake Lively ended almost nine years ago and was hailed for its fashion portrayal of Manhattan’s young elite. The reboot will see Eric Daman returning, the original stylist praised with creating the aesthetics the 2000s show is most known for today.

Highschool became about seeing how little uniform could be incorporated into their outfits

Like with all adaptations, the original series’ die-hard fans are adamant for the show to stick to the well-loved blueprint of Queen B, Blair Waldorf’s preppy fashion and It Girl, Serena van der Woodsen’s bohemian wardrobe. What was perhaps most memorable from the TV show had to be the signature Constance girl look. Highschool became about seeing how little uniform could be incorporated into their outfits, a statement that would become cemented once they all left for college and the fashion adapted to fit an Ivy League institution.


The reboot will see fashion catching up to 21st century style with Gen Z trends taking centre stage. The new cast have been seen sporting buzz cuts, bike shorts and Balenciaga sneakers paired with the iconic Constance uniform. Here is a breakdown of the onset sneak peeks and biggest looks we’ve seen so far.


The character of Julien Calloway, portrayed by Jordan Alexander, seems the most likely candidate to take on the role of former Queen B, Blair Waldorf. She has been seen sporting a buzz cut, leather pants paired with Christian Louboutin patent ankle boots and a red crop top. This is miles away from the character of Audrey Hope played by Emily Alyn Lind, who is all about laid back and soft neutrals, working with layers made up of an oversized shirt, a Michael Kors tartan and mohair sweater and Chloé suede heels.


Savannah Smith’s character Monet de Haan has been kept the closet to the preppy wardrobe of Constance’s past elite. Her outfits so far have been nothings short of pristine as she was spotted in a white turtle neck, Balmain blazer and matching mini skirt, finished off with below the knee white socks and Valentino sandals. A look that Blair Waldorf would most certainly approve of.

Street style seems to be another huge influence as headbands and heels have been replaced with designer sneakers, as the high schoolers are spotted in Balenciaga’s and Yeezy’s. The wardrobe department have also considered the current social trends of Gen Z with sustainable fashion being incorporated through thrifted looks featuring Dr Martens and high street branded lug boots in place of luxury fashion brands.

One thing the reboot has quite happily left behind is an all-white cast

However, one thing the reboot has quite happily left behind is an all-white cast and we can finally expect to see a more racially diverse portrayal of beauty on the show, with Black and Latina actresses: Jordan Alexander, Savannah Smith and Zión Moreno joining the cast.

But for now, we wait for a new generation to take their seats on the hierarchical steps of The Met. XOXO


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