Music Critic Samantha Andrews reviews the latest single by Haim, a summer anthem with an empowering feminist message

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Images by Kim Metso

After disappearing for a few years, sisters Haim are back with new music, proving their place in the music scene yet again. Their infectiously sunshine indie-pop sound, that was solidified through their hit single ‘The Wire’, is in full force in ‘The Steps.’ It is a classically Haim song that promises good things for the release of their upcoming album Women in Music pt.III. 

It is upbeat, fun and catchy, and perfectly sets them up for the release of their album in the summer

After the previous release of ‘Summer Girl’, it was clear that Haim were back, but possibly with a more jazz influenced slower sound. However, ‘The Steps’ is a claim to their signature sound. It is upbeat, fun and catchy, and perfectly sets them up for the release of their album in the summer. It is by no means an in your face song, but instead it flourishes through its simplicity.

What is so great about Haim is that they are three sisters entering what would typically be a masculine dominated field of the music industry: the band. ‘The Steps’ is ultimately an assertion of female power, questioning if a partner understands that they are self-sufficient and independent. This empowering message is accompanied by the infectiously catchy guitar riffs and the pounding drum beat that propels the song into its funk undertones. 

With ‘The Steps’, Haim have come back to the music scene with a catchy single that asserts their presence. It carries Haim’s classic indie-pop sound and is the perfect song for everyone’s summer playlists. 

‘The Steps’ is available now via Universal Music Operations Limited

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