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Morgana Chess
@morganachess // TV editor // Final year English Literature student

Netflix Algorithms: How they Keep you Binge-ing

Morgana Chess looks into how the streaming giant is engineering our TV addictions

Posted on 19th March 2019

International Women’s Day: Redbrick’s Women of the Future

Our female editors discuss the women ready to take over the world this International Women's Day

Posted on 8th March 2019

TV Throwback: 2009

As the 10 year challenge is circulates social media, TV Editor Morgana Chess takes a look back at what was gracing our screens back in 2009

Posted on 26th February 2019

The Romanoffs: The Legacy That Goes On… And On… And On

TV Editor Morgana Chess argues that while Amazon's The Romanoffs provides a quirky light relief, the episode length poses a problem for viewing

Posted on 8th December 2018

Why Are We So Attracted to Naked Attraction?

TV Editor Morgana Chess shares her opinion on why Naked Attraction deserves to be on our screens

Posted on 7th December 2018

The Best TV Shows to Binge with your New Flatmates

TV Editors Morgana Chess, Jessica Green and Niamh Brennan take us through their favourite TV shows to bond over with your new flatmates

Posted on 30th October 2018

Review: Killing Eve

TV Editor Morgana Chess gives her thoughts on why Killing Eve, the BBC's new spy drama, is rightfully taking the world by storm

Posted on 23rd September 2018

Best Box-Sets to Binge This Summer

With summer now upon us, TV's Morgana Chess breaks down the best box-sets to binge watch to your heart's content

Posted on 22nd June 2018

Looking at the World Through a New (Queer) Eye

TV Critic Morgana Chess gives her point of view on Netflix's reboot of the makeover show Queer Eye

Posted on 10th May 2018

Weinstein: The Inside Story

TV Critic Morgana Chess looks at Panorama's documentary Weinstein: The Inside Story, as it offers a glimpse into an industry that failed so many women

Posted on 23rd March 2018

Review: Rotten

TV's Morgana Chess reviews the Netflix documentary that is better than its name suggests, as Rotten delves into the darkest secrets of the food industry

Posted on 16th March 2018

Review: President Trump – The Piers Morgan Interview

TV Critic Morgana Chess gives her opinion on Piers Morgan's interview with President Trump, as the controversial host met the controversial politician for a discussion that attracted 3 million viewers

Posted on 5th February 2018