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    A Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

    Life&Style Writer Josie Hart pays tribute to fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld and discusses how his legacy will be remembered

    Written by Josie Hart on 6th April 2019


    The Rise of Mainstream Celebrities Joining the YouTube Community

    Life&Style Writer, Molly Brooker-Corcoran discusses the rise of mainstream celebrities using YouTube as a way to benefit their careers

    Written by Molly Brooker on 3rd February 2019


    ‘Thank u, Next’ – What This Means for ‘Breakup’ Culture

    Life and Style Writer, Aimee Cashmore discusses how Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' teaches us how to shift negative perspectives of breakups into positives

    Written by Aimee Cashmore on 31st January 2019


    Meghan Markle Speaks Up About Social Media

    Life&Style's Jessica Capper discusses the Duchess of Sussex's recent comments about the effect of social media use on mental health

    Written by Jessica on 15th January 2019


    I’m Sellin’ It – The Rise of Instagram Advertising

    Life and Style Writer, Caitlin Steele discusses the backlash of Love Island winners Jack Fincham and Dani Dyers for advertising McDonalds on Instagram

    Written by caitlinjsteele on 13th January 2019


    Man! I Feel Like a Man – Masculinity in the Modern World

    Life and Style Writer Caitlin Steele discusses the issues within the concept of masculinity and how it is defined in a modern society

    Written by caitlinjsteele on 6th January 2019


    Prince Harry’s Sleep Ring

    Life&Style's Josie Hart uncovers how Prince Harry has been wearing a sleep ring which uses new technology that tracks sleep, health and activity

    Written by Josie Hart on 20th December 2018


    Nepotism in the Modelling Industry – Has Kendall Jenner Taken it Too Far?

    Life&Style Writer Georgina O'Donnell discusses Kendall Jenner's latest controversial interview and considers how nepotism has influenced the modelling industry

    Written by Georgina O'Donnell on 14th December 2018


    KKW Bares All: ‘I Am Allowed to be Sexy’

    Life&Style's Charlotte Gill argues that Kim Kardashian-West should not be shunned for her nudity on Instagram, but rather celebrated as an icon of female empowerment

    Written by Charlotte Gill on 10th December 2018


    Makeup Mogul Charlotte Tilbury Receives MBE

    Life and Style Writer, Kathryn Langford celebrates celebrtity makeup artist and self named brand owner Charlotte Tilbury receiving an MBE from the Queen

    Written by Kathryn Langford on 6th December 2018


    Keira Knightley Bans her Daughter From Disney Films

    Food and Drink Editor Lydia Waller shares her opinion on Keira Knightley not allowing her daughter to watch certain Disney fairytale films due to toxic female depictions

    Written by Lydia Waller on 2nd December 2018


    Royal Baby Announcement on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

    Life and Style Editor Imogen Lancaster shares her opinion on Prince Harry and Meghan Markles controversial pregnancy announcement

    Written by Imogen Lancaster on 17th November 2018
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