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Niamh Brennan

My Favourite Place in the World: Redbrick Editors’ Choices

From North America to South New Zealand, Redbrick Editors share their favourite places in the world, and why you should visit them too

Posted on 18th March 2019

International Women’s Day: Redbrick’s Women of the Future

Our female editors discuss the women ready to take over the world this International Women's Day

Posted on 8th March 2019

Most Anticipated TV of 2019

Whilst a whole year of great TV lies ahead of us, TV Editor Niamh Brennan narrows down the 2019 highlights that you really don't want to miss

Posted on 29th January 2019

The World of Michael Schur

TV Editor Niamh Brennan discusses why Michael Schur's genius creations are an important addition to comedy television

Posted on 8th December 2018

Spooktacular Halloween Series

Redbrick TV writers carefully select their top spooky, scary and simply unsettling shows for you to make your way through this Halloween

Posted on 25th November 2018

Review: Making a Murderer Series Two

TV editor Niamh Brennan shares her thoughts on whether Part Two of the true-crime documentary series that gripped the world is as biased as the first

Posted on 22nd November 2018

The Best TV Shows to Binge with your New Flatmates

TV Editors Morgana Chess, Jessica Green and Niamh Brennan take us through their favourite TV shows to bond over with your new flatmates

Posted on 30th October 2018

Throwback: Waterloo Road

TV's Niamh Brennan looks back on Waterloo Road, asking was it the best TV show of all time?

Posted on 2nd July 2018

Review: Safe

TV Critic Niamh Brennan argues that the new Netflix series Safe is fun, familiar and reliable

Posted on 29th June 2018

The Walking Dead Season 8 Mid-Season Premiere Review

TV's Niamh Brennan gives her thoughts on the return of The Walking Dead, as we say farewell to one of the few remaining original characters

Posted on 15th March 2018

Is Friends Offensive?

Since the arrival of the popular 90s/early 2000s sitcom to a new audience via Netflix UK, TV's Niamh Brennan asks if Friends is as innocent as it seems?

Posted on 27th February 2018

Should Phones Be Banned At Gigs?

Comment Writer Niamh Brennan discusses whether mobile devices such as mobile phones should be banned at live performances

Posted on 14th February 2018