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Niamh Brennan

Throwback: Waterloo Road

TV's Niamh Brennan looks back on Waterloo Road, asking was it the best TV show of all time?

Posted on 2nd July 2018

Review: Safe

TV Critic Niamh Brennan argues that the new Netflix series Safe is fun, familiar and reliable

Posted on 29th June 2018

The Walking Dead Season 8 Mid-Season Premiere Review

TV's Niamh Brennan gives her thoughts on the return of The Walking Dead, as we say farewell to one of the few remaining original characters

Posted on 15th March 2018

Is Friends Offensive?

Since the arrival of the popular 90s/early 2000s sitcom to a new audience via Netflix UK, TV's Niamh Brennan asks if Friends is as innocent as it seems?

Posted on 27th February 2018

Should Phones Be Banned At Gigs?

Comment Writer Niamh Brennan discusses whether mobile devices such as mobile phones should be banned at live performances

Posted on 14th February 2018

Big Fat Quiz: Looking Back on 2017

TV Critic Niamh Brennan reviews The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2017, the show that sums up the highs and lows of each year using television's best comedians

Posted on 26th January 2018

Redbrick’s Albums of 2017

Redbrick Music takes a look back at the best albums of 2017.

Posted on 12th January 2018

Dugdale in the Jungle: Get Her Out of There

Comment Writer Niamh Brennan argues politicians on reality shows such as 'I'm a Celeb' needs to stop

Posted on 5th December 2017

Top 5 – Louis Theroux Documentaries

TV Critic Niamh Brennan counts down five of Louis Theroux’s best documentaries, each one as stimulating and intriguing as the next, proving his well-earned icon status

Posted on 27th November 2017

Single Review: Sigrid – Strangers

Norwegian singer/songwriter Sigrid, is well on her way to pop domination with her latest single, reviews Niamh Brennan

Posted on 22nd November 2017