Music Critic Aimée Sargeant reviews the debut EP from Rosie Shaw, Sometime Soon, describing it as a captivating listen that is more than just a debut

Written by Aimee Sargeant
Second-year Music Editor

The debut EP from Rosie Shaw, Sometime Soon, has all of the elements that make an EP more than just a debut. Due to be released on the 9th of October, her melodies are enchanting, her voice is soft with a raw edge and her tunes have a soft dreamy vibe that have poetic vocals. The EP is one that you could see being inspired by the golden age of the 60s with a modern alternative twist.

Rosie Shaw sits comfortably in her own sound. The catchiness of her vocals and minimalistic vibe she brings are something she seems to revel in. Her lyricism makes this minimalist approach captivating with themes of love and heartbreak spread throughout the EP. Self-described as being an Alt/Indie artist, you can see where she experiments in her own voice and captivating guitar riffs which compliments her lyrics. 

Her lyricism makes this minimalist approach captivating with themes of love and heartbreak spread throughout the EP

Throughout her EP, there are touching atmospherics, starting with ‘Temporary Love.’ The track builds up and you can hear her exploring the means to fall in love. Although her sound touches your emotion and imagination, you finish her song reflecting upon not only love, but also her angelic voice that enters your ears and stays there.

During Sometime Soon, intimacy builds between the listener and Rosie Shaw. The EP flows from one song to the next effortlessly. You do not want to skip any of them and you feel like you want to sit and engage with all of her lyrics. Ending with the song ‘Summer Doesn’t Feel the Same,’ you see her vocals to the fullest, most minimalist extent. For a start, it has a vintage vibe to it, and she does not fail to showcase this in her voice which is just accompanied by echoing vocal synths. This clean expressive song really proves that Sometime Soon is a gem in itself. Her expressive and emotional lyrics resonate with the listener such as the line, ‘Summer doesn’t feel the same without you / I wish I had said all the things I wanted to.’ In a sense, the track is a moving piece that anyone can relate to if they have been through heartbreak or grief. 

‘3:55’ has a certain simple, feel good lyrical quality to it. This being said, nothing trumps the title track ‘Sometime Soon’ with its harmonic guitar and vocal backing. It is a relaxing and enchanting melody that has certain story-like lyrics which is what makes her songwriting so captivating. 

As a whole, the EP takes us, as listeners, through Rosie’s thoughts and explores love and heartbreak which anyone would enjoy listening to. If you want a new artist to begin to listen to, Rosie Shaw is where you need to be looking.  

Rating: 8/10

Sometime Soon will be available from October 9th via Rosie Shaw

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