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    A Student’s Guide To: Madrid

    Travel writer Charlie Avery shares his Student's Guide to Madrid

    Written by Charlie Avery on 9th March 2019


    Mallorca Beyond Magaluf

    News editor Tom Leaman shares his thoughts on historical Mallorca as a destination with more to offer than a boozy week away

    Written by Tom Leaman on 1st June 2018


    An Insight into European Carnival

    TV Editor Matt Dawson writes about the Carnival experience in Europe and explains why it should no longer be hidden in the shadows

    Written by Matt Dawson on 14th March 2018


    Seville: The Perfect City Break

    Travel writer Tara Kergon explains why the historic town of Seville is the perfect city break

    Written by Tara Kergon on 26th September 2017


    A Postcard From: Zaragoza

    Travel writer, Kirstie, writes from the beautiful, historical Spanish city of Zaragoza

    Written by Kirstie Sutherland on 20th March 2017


    A Photo Journal: Catalonia, Spain

    Travel writer, Gino, shares his photos of the stunning Spanish city of Catalonia

    Written by Gino Spocchia on 19th March 2017


    A Postcard From: Caceres

    Travel writer Matt describes his travels to the beautiful Spanish city of Caceres

    Written by Matt Dawson on 18th February 2017


    Cheap Trips: Javea

    Travel writer, Iesha, explains how you can visit the luxurious Javea whilst on a student budget

    Written by Iesha Thomas on 4th February 2017


    Top Tips for Visiting Seville

    Travel writer Carrie shares her favourite spots for visiting Seville

    Written by Carrie Ambler on 17th July 2016


    A Diary Entry From… Barcelona.

    Written by Ally Head on 17th February 2016


    Summer Sessions Abroad…in Barcelona

    Travel writers Sophie and James tell us why Barcelona is the perfect last-minute getaway...

    Written by Sophie Braybrook on 20th September 2015


    Overlooked Hidden Gems

    Travel writers introduce their favourite nontraditional holiday destinations

    Written by Tashaa Naidoo, Jessica Flanagan, Sara Tryon, Ally Head, Nadhirah Koh, Pippa Smith, Lucy Harkins & Sophie Milligan on 6th April 2015
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