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Eat With a Relish that Needs No Sauce

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    Eat With a Relish that Needs No Sauce

    Tim Abington laments how can food lose its essence to calorie counting and nutritional statistics, in opposition to Public Health England’s new guidelines

    Written by Tim.Abington on 12th March 2018


    Proposed Junk Food Advertising Bans

    Sophie Rashley discusses the idea of banning junk food advertising before watershed, and whether it’s necessary for adult viewers

    Written by Sophie Rashley on 12th March 2018


    Food Trends That Will Take 2018 By Storm

    Food Editor Caitlin Dickinson assesses some of 2018’s up-and-coming food trends, including some surprising options.

    Written by Caitlin Dickinson on 11th March 2018


    Promoting Eco-Consumption in Student Life

    Food Editor Adele Franghiadi looks at just a few of the ways students can make moves towards eco-consumption, without breaking the bank.

    Written by Adele Franghiadi on 5th March 2018


    Eating Abroad: Teeling Whiskey Distillery

    Continuing her trip to Dublin, Food Editor Adele Franghiadi reviews her experience of the Teeling Whiskey Distillery, and their delicious Winter Spice Tea cocktail.

    Written by Adele Franghiadi on 15th February 2018


    Eating Abroad: 48 Hours in Dublin

    Food Editor Adele Franghiadi reviews some of her favourite spots for food and drink after a short stay in Dublin city centre.

    Written by Adele Franghiadi on 10th February 2018


    Why Now Is The Time To Go Vegan

    Toni Baker takes a look at why and how so many people have gone vegan, and why 2018 might be the year to make the change as veganism is easier than ever before

    Written by tonibaker on 5th February 2018


    Interview: Nutella Tasha (@nutellatasha)

    Redbrick’s Amber Allcock interviews Nutella Tasha, a Birmingham-based Instagram blogger, about her insider-knowledge of the city, and her Instagram experience.

    Written by Amber Allcock on 29th January 2018


    Projected Rise in Post-Brexit Fresh Produce Costs

    Grace Duncan reports on the projected post-Brexit price increases to imported fruit and vegetables, and how this will affect the poorest demographics.

    Written by Grace Duncan on 24th January 2018


    The Birmingham Food Calendar 2018

    Dine Birmingham have released their first ever local food calendar, just in time for Christmas. Adele Franghiadi takes a look.

    Written by Adele Franghiadi on 13th December 2017


    Recipe: Christmas Dinner Guide

    As the end of term approaches, News Editor Phoebe Radford serves up a comprehensive guide on the perfect student Christmas dinner

    Written by Phoebe Radford on 10th December 2017


    Nigella Lawson: Dressing Gowned Hero or Zero?

    Kat Smith and Aamina Siddiqi discuss their views of Nigella Lawson’s persona on screen

    Written by Aamina Siddiqi & Kat Smith on 6th December 2017
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