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Alex Green
A chemistry student, film fanatic and gamer. I tick all the geek boxes. Also loves a good waffle, whether it's the food or rambling about whatever.

Twitter: @AlexGreen9898

Review: Five Feet Apart

Film Critic Alex Green is not impressed with first-time director Justin Baldoni's film Five Feet Apart which depicts two CF patients as they fall in love

Posted on 23rd April 2019

Review: Fighting With My Family

Film Critic Alex Green rejoices at Fighting With My Family - finally a wrestling film with a brilliant cast that is just plainly enjoyable!

Posted on 5th April 2019

Winding Back the Clock: Time in Video Games

Alex Green charts the influence time mechanics have had on video games, investigating the different types represented throughout the years

Posted on 4th April 2019

Laika: Stop-Motion Storytellers

Ahead of the release of their fifth feature Missing Link, Film Critic Alex Green looks back at the history of Laika, one of the most ambitious animation studios

Posted on 22nd March 2019

Overwatch: New Hero, Same Problems?

Alex Green looks at the upcoming changes to Overwatch, including hero 30 Baptiste, and asks whether this will solve the game's numerous issues

Posted on 10th March 2019

Film Flashback: Iconic Films of 1999

Redbrick Film collectively reminisce and re-evaluate the important 1999 releases that are turning 20 this year

Posted on 10th March 2019

Preview: Overwatch League Season 2

Writer Alex Green previews the next season of the Overwatch League, discussing the improvements Blizzard are trying to make

Posted on 11th February 2019

Most Anticipated Games of 2019

Gaming writers and editors give a preview of the year to come, and why you should be excited for some of 2019's biggest releases

Posted on 9th February 2019

Netflix’s 2018: A Film Success Story

Film Critic Alex Green looks back on Netflix's highs and lows of 2018, and comments on what they can do to better, ahead of 2019

Posted on 7th February 2019

Review: Beautiful Boy

Film Critic Alex Green is semi-impressed by the attention-seeking Beautiful Boy, starring Steve Carrell, and Timothée Chalamet

Posted on 31st January 2019

News: Google’s New Service ‘Project Stream’

Gaming Contributor Alex Green takes on the new streaming service from Google 'Project Stream'. Is this what the future of gaming holds?

Posted on 26th January 2019

Interview: Richard Billingham

Film Critic Alex Green interviews film-maker Richard Billingham on his series of biopic films, and his BAFTA nomination for Ray and Liz

Posted on 24th January 2019