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    Trump’s Brexit Blunder Should Spark Defence Discussions

    Comment Writer Oscar Gray argues that the UK can no longer rely on the US as an ally, and must look to Europe for a defensive coalition

    Written by OscarJGray on 23rd July 2018


    Theresa May Must Answer to the Windrush Generation

    Immediate action needs to be taken to punish those responsible for creating a 'hostile environment' for the Windrush Generation, argues Comment Writer Kieren Williams

    Written by KierenJWilliams on 13th May 2018


    Erasmus Will Keep Students Connected to Europe

    TV Editor Matt Dawson offers an insight into his Erasmus year, and how he feels more European post-Brexit than ever

    Written by Matt Dawson on 27th December 2017


    The Home Office’s Disregard for Individual Cases of Citizenship Post-Brexit

    Comment Writer Estelle Dragan criticises the Home Office's treatment of individuals that grew up in Britain but do not currently hold British citizenship

    Written by Estelle Dragan on 28th November 2017


    Brexit: The Process of Leaving The EU Was Not Given Enough Thought

    Comment Writer Rahim Mohamed criticises the government on its handling of Brexit negotiations

    Written by Rahim Mohamed on 25th November 2017


    Priti Patel and Boris Johnson: Two Sides to the Same Coin of Government Incompetency

    Comment Writer Rhi Storer criticises the embarrassing incompetency of May's cabinet

    Written by Rhi Storer on 16th November 2017


    The Conservative Party is Just About Managing

    Comment Writer Jamie Aspden argues that the Conservative Party Conference was the conclusive sign that the government needs to change

    Written by Jamie Aspden on 12th October 2017


    Citizenship & the Pursuit of Foreign Identities

    Comment writer Vanesa Medina argues a change in citizenship shouldn't strip you of your cultural identity

    Written by VanesaMedina on 6th October 2017


    Labour’s Conference Perpetuates Their Delusions of Victory

    Comment Writer Tom Rose argues that behind Labour's optimism, the party is still riddled with problems

    Written by Tom Rose on 3rd October 2017


    A Coalition with the DUP Could Derail Brexit

    Comment Writer Lisa McGrady argues that that a coalition between the DUP and the Conservatives will lead to chaos over Brexit

    Written by Lisa McGrady on 10th June 2017


    May’s ‘Strong and Stable Government’: More Than a Tagline

    Comment Writer Tom Young argues that we must vote Conservative to ensure a certain and positive future

    Written by tomyoung22 on 7th May 2017


    The Not So Great Repeal Bill

    Comment writer Angeliki Antoniadou argues that the Great Repeal Bill will do little to reinstate Westminster's legislative sovereignty

    Written by Angeliki Antoniadou on 15th April 2017
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