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Beth Sadler
English and Drama BA Hons

Are University Social Lives Sobering Up?

Food & Drink's Beth Sadler questions whether University social lives are becoming less alcohol orientated

Posted on 30th April 2019

Veganism: Good for The Brain?

Food&Drink's Beth Sadler discusses the alleged correlation between Veganism and mental health, and the reality of restricting your diet beyond social media portrayals

Posted on 25th February 2019

Review: Vegan Munch

Food&Drink's Beth Sadler visited Selly Oak's much anticipated new Vegan kebab and Schwarma restaurant, Vegan Munch and is astounded by their revolutionary take on Vegan Take-away

Posted on 22nd February 2019

All You Need To Know About Valendining

Food&Drink's Beth Sadler prepares us for V-day, whether we are eating in, out, with friends or someone friendlier

Posted on 6th February 2019

How to Do Veganuary Right

Food & Drink's Beth Sadler gives us a comprehensive run down on how to go Vegan this New Year

Posted on 27th January 2019

Review: Birmingham’s Christmas Markets

Food and Drink Writer Beth Sadler reviews Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Markets

Posted on 16th December 2018

Review: A Vegan Fresher’s Guide to Birmingham

Beth Sadler sets out to help anyone vegan in Birmingham with her top four plant-based eateries

Posted on 4th November 2018